many, many tas! (not MS)

Afternoon playmates! What a damp and gloomy day outside...but not inside our gaff!


Hubby and I (HRH) want to thank everyone who sent us their support and good wishes over his recent health scare.

Last night and today are the first i haven`t been worried sick over the thought of losing my hubby, my rock, my soulmate prematurely.

His resolve to beat the cigs is very strong. he will conquer it...I know he will...but I`m not nagging, honeslty!

take great care of yourselves, one and all.


much luv, Polly xxx

Hi Polly

Glad to hear you’re feeling better. If he is determined I’m sure your hubby will triumph over the cigarettes.

Best wishes

Teresa xx

Cheers again, teresa. Youre a good un!

luv POllx

Hi Polly,

We've never spoken before  I'm fairly new.  Just wanted to wish you luck with hubbies health and the quest to stop smoking.  I know how hard that is and he needs a medal for climbing that mountain.

Good luck


Hi Polly,

            How about getting yourselves a hookin' great chocolate cake to celebrate. Raise a glass of carrot juice!!


Hi, great to hear you are both doing well, sure your husband will succeed in giving up the cigarettes, you both sound determined.
Horrible day here too, although the rain has gone off now,