tomorrow`s the day (not MS)

Morning everyone.


Tomorrow hubby gets his result of the chest x ray, lung function test and blood tests.


I am worried sick.


On a lighter note (I`m forcing myself to see one), he has been in very good spirits re the smoking reduction. The tablets seem to be working well.

He`s already cut down from 30+ to just 14, bless him!


12.15 tomorrow.....I`m not allowed to go with him, he says. How will I know if he`ll tell me the full story? I don`t want to row with him, but I HAVE to know the truth, or else my stupid brain will think all sorts anyway!


luv POllx

Hi Poll

Thinking of you and wishing your hubby the best of luck for tomorrow. Hope it’s good news!

It must be very hard when your role is reversed. I bet he is used to waiting for the results of all the tests you have had. The only good thing is that you both probably appreciate better what each other has been through in the past!

It sounds like he is trying really hard to cut down the smoking, it must be really tough.

Stay strong and positive!


Thanks ever so for your support…much appreciated.

luv POllx

Hi Poll

Just seen this, so sorry, cos I have just sent you a pm asking the same question! 

Fingers crossed for a positive result tomorrow.


All the best Poll, hope the news is good.



Hi Poll

Thinking all good thoughts for you hope all goes well

Tracy x