Annual Meet

Hi All,

I’am off for my yearly chat with my MS Nurse tomorrow.

Boxes ticked - walk a bit of corridor - Say "M M M M " over and over again - then back home to sleep !!!

Looking forward to it. Andy

hi andy, not sure if to say congrats or comiserations but hope all goes well mate. had my last one for 6mths 2 days ago. am i foolish for looking forward to the next one? irrespecively, please let us know how it all goes cheers fluffy

hi andy

good luck with your appointment and i hope it is productive for you - every now and then i tell them something that they can actually help with.

by the way, my eyes keep missing letters out and your post title had one of the "n"s and the “u” missing,

talk about doing a double turn!

carole x

Hi All,

Well back home now.

Ticked my boxes, walked my bit of corridor - takes me longer to do now, and finally gave my blood !!

Been asked to google new drugs, and see if or which one I would like to take !!! Then their see if they can get them for me !!!

Was on Betaferon - now maybe Terifluoromide ? or Fampridine ? (at a cost to me £200 per month, I think.)

I have RRMS &SPMS. I know I’am getting worse, balance, walking, forgetfulnss, headaches and forever taking naps.

But “Hey Hoe” theres always someone worse off than me.

Regards, Andy

hi andy

i really hope that fampridine works for you although its a shocker that you have to pay for it.

anyway keep up that positive attitude because its great to read someone being chipper.

amazing how quickly some people adapt to being hit with a chronic illness.

carole x