Just a ramble....


Just having a rubbish few days. Had appt with occupational health this morning about my phased return to work. The suggestion is chaging my office location to nearer to home and I’m just gutted as a) I don’t like change. Been in the office I’m in since I qualified 7 years ago b) may mean I have to totally change the clients I work with :frowning: and c) it’s just another penny dropping about how MS is changing my life.

I appreciate I am lucky compared to some and I do think of that daily. I’m just so fed up of relapsing, my speech and dexterity are being effected and my back pain is flaring up again!

I just want to scream or cry today. I may try the pillow trick so as not to scare the neighbours :slight_smile:

Tomorrow WILL be a brighter today I’m sure!

L x

Good ramble.
I know the feeling. Sometmes you feel like you shouldn’t realy complain as it could all be much worse, but you are still been effected and it is hard to take.
MS is limiting in lots of ways some major, some minor but each can be a real blow.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is indeed better.

Thanks Paul. I’m hoping it’s just one of them days. They just tend to sneak up on you don’t they :slight_smile:

I am sorry that you seem to be having a rubbish time. I am sure it is just one of them days.

Hang in there. Hugs