Well thats different!

Good evening ladies and gents!

Over the last few days I have been getting a few new pains, I assume that it is my MS but wondered if anyone else has had anything like this?

I have had a pain in my leg when I am walking that shoots up my leg and into my back when my foot hits the ground and I have a pain in the palm of my hand when I pick things up or move my fingers. Also get pain my for arm that feels like my bone hurts if that makes any sense.

As this has started a few old symptoms have reappeared. I forgot how lovely a hug was! Could it be a relapse?

TIA Sam x


I wouldn’t know if this was the start of a relapse as I am still trying to work that bit out myself.

But I would give your Ms nurse a ring tomorrow and inform him/her.

I have experienced a sharp shooting pain in my left hand which travelled up my arm. The pain was that bad that what ever I was picking up dropped out my hand.


Thank Irons.

I cant get in touch with her at the min as she has changed hospital so has a new email address and number which I dont have. I am seeing her on the 9th so will write it down so I dont forget x