3 days now (not MS)

Afternoon each!

Just thought you might be interested to know how my hubby is doing with the nicotine abstinence.

After being on Champix tablets for 7 days, he was down to smoking 14 a day, as opposed to 30-40.

The following day, he smoked 29!!

The day after that , he said to himself `This isn`t how I should be doing. it`s not on!` So, what did he do?

he destroyed what cigs he had and threw his lighters away.

He didn`t tell me, but when our daughter and grandchildren came for tea, he told them he was a non-smoker!!!!

We were all thrilled and delighted. Even the children said ,`Oh Grandad! Well done you. That`s fantastic!`

Has he had any since?


This morning he said to me, `I am over the peak. I haven`t murdered you and I`m still feeling good, so I`ve cracked it!`


Great, innit?

luv Pollx

Sounds like he’s doing really well Poll. He must be proud of himself! Rightly so!

Great news!

Teresa xx

Congratulations!! You deserve a medal!


              Keep up the very good work!


That's great!Well done to your hubby.I'm an ex-smoker myself (11 years),so know how hard it is.


Brenda x

Tell your hubby he did the right thing, I`m an ex smoker and its hard at first but once you realise that the cravings only last for a few seconds at a time you can overcome them if you really want to.

Very well done.



Well done.


Many thanks to all hubby`s well wishers. He went for the weekly shop at Asda this morning. he bought the lottery tickets and the assistant went to get his ususal 200 pack and he said, `No, I won`t be wanting those now. i`ve quit!`

She was very surprised and wish him good luck. Their takings will be down now!!!

luv Pollx

Well done to your hubby....he's done brilliantly!

Dawn. xx