am approaching the end of my 2nd week of champix- trying to give up the evil weed irrespective of my RR MS.

has anyone successfully given up smoking? if so, please tell me more

nice hugs to all, fluffs :0)

Sheer bl**dy-minded determination did it for me.

Over twenty years ago now.

Stay with it fluffyollie, you can do it!


I gave up on champix been clean 7 years now what made me stick to it was no way am I taking those tabs a third time it took two attempts but I did it , good luck x

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Yes - I think it’s eight or nine years ago. Mr Val and I both did it together and we used patches.

The best motivation was having someone there who was going through the same thing, hour by hour.

Good luck!


When the cigarette ban came in I used Nicorette chewing gum when out or at work, I still smoked other times it took me a long time to stop smoking entirely and only use gum. I had a severe relapse about five years ago, I couldn’t bear to drink coffee or to have the gum, I now drink coffee although not as much as I did and I haven’t smoked or used replacement gum since.

The replacements really do work but I wouldn’t advise smoking as well it just makes it harder in the long run.

Best of luck, I feel your pain

Jan x

Just over 11 years for me. You have to really want to stop and only for yourself.

For me, giving up something is all about the mind. I bought a book by Allen Carr ‘why women smoke’ you can get them for men too. When I finished the book, I never smoked again or felt the need to.

Good luck xx

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I kept on just not having the next one. If I had thought in terms of never having another ever again, I would have lost the will to live, I think!

Gradually, miraculously, it stops being bloody and starts being OK. Then it becomes completely OK. Hang on in there!


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I switched to an E-Cig. It’s been 5 months without a cigarette and I find I’m using the E-Cig less and less now.

I gave up about 12 years ago.

I was working in a newsagents and a customer had just walked in as he put out his cigarette and I thought the smell of him was so awful and I suddenly realised that I probably smelt like that and it convinced me that I did not want another cigarette ever again.

Every time after that when I fancied a cigarette I would convince myself that I would feel sick and dizzy if I had one (now I have the MS and the ME to make me feel like that) lol

Good luck

Jaycie x

The only way that worked for me was simply to stop.

I was working away from home, and signed up with a local GP - who wanted to run a set of tests on all new patients.
After the third BP check, he gave me the bad news - BP was extremely high (220/120).
He broke the news quite simply: “You can go on smoking or you can go on breathing”.

I went back to my office to finish a job (I was building a standalone PC to act as a virus-checker for the section) and had two fags while I finished it. Then I want back to my rented room - leaving tobacco, papers, lighter, etc behind.
That was in August 2005 - never smoked since.

It took 10 years before I really stopped missing a cigarette with the after breakfast coffee when in France, but the taste buds recovered a whole lot quicker.


the way i quit, was to not buy any more.

and to realise that i would be a worthless, weak willed twot if i ever accepted one offered to me.

Hypnotherapy worked for me. 1x 2 hour session @ £120. Best £120 I ever spent. Haven’t smoked since and have no desire to. Even when seriously smashed at Christmas work party, when I saw the smokers outside I just thought how bad they smelt rather than wanting one. Alcohol has always triggered lapses before… It’s been nearly 9 months now - had to work that out as it’s just not an issue anymore. I have stopped for longer when pregnant before but always with the thought that I would start again when I stopped breastfeeding. Now I know I’ll never smoke again.

I gave up fags a year ago by using an E Cigarette after 30 years of smoking so they do work

hi everyone

hope all is well with you and yours.

i’d like to express my thanks to everyone above for taking the time to read my post, and every one of the responses given. please accept my apologies as i was not very good at giving enough info at the time of first post, but i have previously tried:

  • hypnotherapy
  • patches
  • inhalator
  • self therapy (allan carr book, and it actually worked the first time, for 2 1/2 years. another story)
  • champix (was good until i underwent a period of crapness at work in 2nd week)

anyway, will have what is hopefully last fag now and know its for the greater good. MS is enough of a bitch without the cough…

thanks again for your care to respond, fluffy xxx

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My husband gave up with champix for 3 months, he looked great and could walk up stairs without puffing and wheezing, then he started again, that was about six years ago.

I wish you could see your future with the fags…

He is 69 and can hardly breathe, he has the worse stage COPD and is on his last legs, but still has to smoke.

He cant go on oxygen as he would blow up.

I sit and watch him dying in front of me. He cant smoke in the house though.

I dont get it…it frustrates the hell out of me.

I was one of the lucky ones…in 1980 i had 2 children and was a single mum, i used to smoke it was simply a case of feed my kids or feed my habit so i gave up the fags.

I wish all people would just give up the fags, they do cause harm, maybe not when your young but it does accumulate over time, then these smokers will be sat on a chair trying to breath, and will slowly suffocate…it breaks my heart to be honest.

IF you can cope with MS you can give up fags lol. I always advise people once you stop your a non smoker, where people go wrong is they are always saying well i have been fag free now for 2 hours, 1 day, 2 day etc, so they are constantly thinking about it lol…

Good luck. You can do it. xx

I gave them up about 5 years ago and still miss them but they ARE bad for you and MS is enough to be going on with, without smoking into the bargain - expensive pastime to be honest as well…as Zamo said “just say no”


i have never smoked but i am in awe with the replies u have had!

well done you all!

‘the impossible i can do at once-miracles take a little longer…’

theres always hope

That is a pretty sad story Goldengirl63.

My husband still smokes his roll ups…not in the house…frustrates the hell out of me too. I can’t bear being near cigarette smoke now, makes me cough and the smell is horrible.

It is the most harmful addictive drug, in my opinion and so easily available.

When they used to allow a smoking room for patients on the ward. The amputees where the first one’s up, post surgery, just so they could have their fag. That same fag that contributed to the amputation.


Worse thing is Blossom is watching him dying, suffocating slowly i mean why would you want to die that way? I do everything i can to live with my MS and make my life a bit easier and he is throwing his away…xx

Because smoking is an addiction Goldengirl, like any other addictive drug. Some people just do not have the mindset, willpower, whatever label you want to give it, to stop.

If smoking came new to the market today, it wouldn’t be allowed.

Interestingly, tobacco companies pay a lot of tax to the government???

Sadly, your husband may think what is the point in stopping now.

Take care xx