stopping the fags (not MS)

Evening all.

Well at long last, my hard pressed hubby has decided to quit the dreaded habit of 30 ish cigs a day!

Our GP nurse has put him on some weaning tablets called Champmix.


They aren`t a nicotine replacement, but something which tells your brain to ignore the addiction receptors.

He`s been told not to try to stop smoking, but to let the meds do their job over a period of 12 weeks.

He was also told that if he no longer wants a smoke before the 12 weeks is up, he must continue to take the full course and then to go back to the nurse for a review.

This is going to be particularly difficult for him, as he has had no decent pain relief from his RA, for months, as his meds have gone against him and he sees his RA doc on 8th Nov.

So, I know all my MS buddies will join me in wishing him well, for a successful outcome, eh?

luv POllx

I've been packed up for 4 months now thanks to Champix, they do work,  i was on 20+ a day. I had to stop smoking inbetween day 8 and 14 but had to carry on with the tablets for 3 months (although i only took them for 2 months).

Good luck to your hubby :)

Sally x

hi poll

my friend has stopped for four months now with champix, she thinks they're great apart from the fact that they also turned her against drinking tea which she enjoyed before.

but they do work.

i stopped with the help of alan carr's book and nicotine replacement gum, havent smoked for 6 months but still really want to letdownbut i know i cant just have one i'd restart proper.

good luck to your hubby.

mandy xx

Don’t really think I should be replying as I have never smoked, so unaware of what its like.

But power to hubby’s elbow, short term hell, but will feel much better for it in the long term, I am sure.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Good luck to him.  It's not funny, giving up, but it makes sense.


Wishing you every sucess, Im sure youll get there in the end.  Ive heard Chompix is very good.  Im at it too, but struggling (stopping smoking of course).  If you will I will, we're just burning money at the mo and filling the air with a pullutant.


Good luck.


Luv bren


All the best to him - I'm a filthy smoker myself, and know how hard it is to stop


Best of luck to him Poll, it's not easy but is so worth it.

Hi Poll, good luck to him and I'm sure he will succeed! If by chance it doesn't work for him, look at e-cigarettes online. I haven't had a fag since October 1st by using the e-cig. I am not wheezing for first time in years and no cough at all. 

It would of course be better to quit altogether and not use any substitute, but for those of us who can't (I'm a 44 year smoker) the e-cig is a great alternative.

Pat xx

Packed them in over a year ago and still miss them but cigs are bad for you and a very expensive hobby - good luck..


I just stopped with a bit of good old will power.

Wishing your husband all the best.  I know how hard it is to give up smoking, even after the nicotine craving has gone you still have the old habit bit and I used to dream I was smoking, and still do sometimes even though its now been 7 years since I gave up.

It's a tough ol' slog but definitley worth it.  I just look at people standing outisde pubs in the cold wind and rain and I am so glad that it is no longer me!

Best of luck to him and hope the chompix works

Julie x

Hiya Poll,

Wish your OH good luck from me, its very hard to do. I was managed to pack up about 8 yrs ago, did it with the patches, and the help of the Alan Carr book.


Thank goodness I never even think about it now, never mind want one.


Hope he does it, but its the trying that counts.thumbsup



Good luck to your hubby Poll, i have been stopped for nearly 7 years now, i went  'cold turkey' cos i like a challange,lol,


i have been stopped for 7 years before, and like an idiot started again,but i dont think i will start again, the only reason i stated again after so long, was because i was still going out for a drink, and all my mates smoked,but now i dont go out ,so dont have to mix with smokers,


god im sooooooooooo   boring these days, i feel 90,years old at times.


I  am only pleased i did a lot of living before i had to stop enjoying myself, lol.


Jaki  xx

Thanks to everyone who has wished my hubby well, with his giving up the cigs efforts.


This is a funny;

today is his 2nd day on champix and he said he didn`t feel the urge to light up...on his way to buy some fags! LOL!

luv Pollx

I hope you're joking Poll!

Good luck to him. It's really hard, but it is doable. It took me about 4 attempts, but the last one was the permanent one - haven't had a fag in nearly 20 years.

Karen x

[quote=“rizzo”] ,

I hope you’re joking Poll!

Good luck to him. It’s really hard, but it is doable. It took me about 4 attempts, but the last one was the permanent one - haven’t had a fag in nearly 20 years.

Karen x


No, Karen, I joke not!

Good for you, not having a fag for so long.