Hello, i have come back

Hi Everybody, i used to be on here before the site changed, when you could talk to people in buddys was it or pen friends?.I thought i would try it once more ,my m/s is slowly getting worse i wont let it beat me though ,i often look on here i like the jokes very good some of them,i have also given up the fags i have the electronic ones now not the same but they have helped, its been 9 months now.If anyone would like to chat i would like that its nice to have someone to talk to.Good luck to you all hope to hear from someone soon. Ivan.

Hi Ivan…i think this is your missing post and I hope its visible for you. Welcome back and I hope you gain comfort from the many posts on here. I too have packed the fags in and found it quite easy as i was diagnosed around the same time so MS took my mind off it big style…I did try the electronic fags but found them very hard to light .

Anyone else given up the fags?

Yes…VIP ecigs all the way !! Me and several friends all successful.

I went to eshisha sticks and as I was on no nicotine ones I eventually forgot about those too, so yes, I gave up sometime in August, I don’t even know the date to be honest! I never thought it woud be so easy, previous attempts were always much harder!

Sonia x

Hello Ivan, welcome back. Glad your finding the ecigs helpful. I stopped 10 years ago, tried quite a few times to stop. Then one day read a book by Allen carr called ‘why women smoke’…never smoked again and never missed them. The book or any other stop smoking aid only works if you really want to stop…in my opinion. Hope you enjoy being back on the site, Noreen, PS; do you know any good jokes Lol x

hi ivan

welcome back and i hope you feel back home.

i’m still smoking although i have the e-cigs. i must try again soon

carole x

Welcome back Ivan.

I have the ecigs too and have been on and off the real cigs for a few months since starting them. My GP referred me to a hypnotherapist and I am going to give that a try as well. HopeI don’t start quacking like a duck instead!!!


Hi Ivan I gave up 3 years ago after 35 years help by patches. Also given up the drink as I fall over quite a lot with out it. Now just have all my medication to keep me happy. Ha ha all the best Deborah

Hi and welcome back.

We dont have the pen friends faciltiy now. But we still have buddies, who we can talk to via private message.

My hubby has tried to give up the weed, but had terribly upsetting nightmares. He was on champix tablets. He`s tried other things too, but without success.

He used to be a 40 day man and is now on less than 10 a day. he doesnt smoke in the house at all, so I dont have to suffer it. he smokes in his garage/workshop or the van when I`m not in it.

he did give up for a long time 2 years ago. he saved enough to buy our daughter a car, when her`s broke and she had no cash! At the time, it was our ruby anniversary and he was saving up for something for me. When he told me, I said to give it to our girl instead. I dont like rubies anyway…I am a diamond girl!

luv Pollx

Hi Ivan - good to have you back - I packed in the fags about 4 years ago and I still miss them to be honest but they aren’t good for you, even though I used to only smoke 4 or 5 a day, but I said that with the price of them and health implications, its a no-brainer really, i suppose. They do say that fags and MS don’t really mix either, so the healthier lifestyle we lead, the better, still enjoy the occasional tipple mind you…

Oops, sorry Ivan, I never said welcome back (tho I’m quite a recent joiner so not welcome back, rather just welcome!)

Sonia x

Thanks for all the replies it amazed me how many kind people are on here,i will find some jokes soon bless you all ivan.