update on hubby`s stop smoking issue

Afternoon all!

Just thought I`d bring you up to spec on how hubby`s doing.

The short answer is....not too good!

His initial effort last 17 weeks. he was strong, resolute, confident.

Then he suddenly got the urge. It got the better of him, but he flew at me with a real outrage of bad language and temper. I was taken aback, nay .....totally shocked as he had never spoken to me like that......ever.

I turned away from him, kept in another room, hardly spoke. This was the week leading up to our Ruby wedding and I felt like i didn`t want to get there.

Now those who know me well, will be a bit puzzled over this, as you tell me I am awlays upbeat and positive. I am good at bluffing!

Anyway, hubby went back to see the nurse. She put him back on Champix. Within a few days he told me he was feeling depressed and didn`t care about anything. That`s not him at all!

This morning he told me he won`t take anymore of the tablets. he said they are evil and dangerous.

I asked if he is smoking. he said yes.

There you have it.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, time for my confession. blush

I managed 5 months (to the day actually). I have never been so depressed in my life. Felt like life wasn't worth living. My MS symptoms, if anything, felt far worse. Couldn't stay awake during the day and I had insomnia at night. I had put on a stone in weight. Couldn't stop crying... so yes, I am also smoking again.

Please nobody lecture me. I gave it my best shot. But the truth is that I really felt life wasn't worth living and you know me, I usually keep upbeat. I felt like I couldn't cope at all.

So, there you have it. I have confessed. 

Pat x


Cheers Mel, ta for your support…again! I wont mention the n` word again.

luv Pollx

So sorry to hear this, Poll.  Is he in better form now? I know this is not a fashionable view, but I would say b****r the giving up lark for now and concentrate on getting your man back in good spirits.  I'm sorry that things are being difficult, and hope you are both feeling brighter soon.



l can remember a friend of mine taking her sister to a hynotherapist for help to stop her smoking - she said she waited outside in the car - and when her sister came out, about an hour later she got in the car and said 'Well that was a waste of time and money'.   ---BUT --- she never smoked again.

l have also heard of acupuncture helping.

My husband stopped smoking - after nearly 40yrs - he did try the patches and gum to begin with but they made him want to smoke even more. So he went 'cold turkey'. And it worked. lts 8yrs now - He found changing his normal routine of having a fag every time he had a mug of tea or coffee the best way. He cut out the cuppas - drank more water- kept cleaning his teeth and sucking mints. Keeping his mouth feeling fresh and clean seemed to be the key.

l have never smoked - hate seeing people smoke and l can not stand the smell. So when the smoking ban came in it meant l could go out to pubs and restaurants - and the cinema - without worrying about the effect smoke has on me. l have to 'look away' when Dierdre on Corrie starts dragging on a fag. Not that l am without vices - says she typing away with her bitten nails!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi A;ison, cheers for that love.

Yes, he does seem a bit better…but then he is tons better than me at bluffing!

My sis had a nervous breakdown and when I told her how he was, she said, Better him smoke than suffer a breakdown. Mmm.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

I do feel for you both. It must be so difficult to give up after such a long time of smoking as it is so addictive. Perhaps hubby will feel able to have another go in the near future. In the meantime, please do not worry that he bit your head off. I’m sure he did not mean it and feels bad about it now.

Try not to worry Poll, you both have a lot of stress in your lives. Just take care of each other and take it a day at a time. Easier said than done I know!

Love Teresa xx

Btw Frances- another inveterate nailbiter here too!

Teresa xx

Hi Frances, I also hate the smell and mess smoking causes.

Thing is Ive secondary smoked all my life, as parents were heavy smokers. If, as those in the know say, secondary smoking is worse than smoking, theres not much hope for me, eh?

Hubby says he wont try any alternative therapies, nor e-cigs, so thats that. Im not going to push the subject with him. He says hell never smoke in the house again, as it causes too much work for him…re-decorating!

40 years together has taught me that I`d rather have him smoking, than not have him at all.


Hi Teresa, you always have really kind things to say to me. Bless you!

luv Pollx

Hi Rebecca, ta for your reply. I`ve asked him if he would give that a try, but he said no.

luv Pollx

Afraid Poll I started again after giving up for well over a year first time, put on 2 stone, then had argument with son so bought some more.  Even when I felt ill smoking, I soon got back to my usual 15 per day.  Then stopped again only this time for a few months, then again back to it.  Ive vowed again Im going to have a try as I do want to stop but equally love smoking.  I do think there is an overwhelming bit of us which says: its something I do for me.  I take myself off to my shed and admire the world whilst relaxing.  I missed that.  Some would say why cant you go to your shed and not smoke, well it wouldnt seem worthwhile would it?


Dont know how, but Ive got 2 packets and again Im going cold turkey.  Its harder than people think, much harder as its inbuilt because we do it for years, so part of us.  I know its addictive but that extends to being part of our life.


I too hate secondary smoke would you believe, so wont allow myself to share with anyone, I use the open sky and away from others.  Its not illegal however with all the advertising we are becoming leppers.  Why not with pies for those bulging out of their clothes?


Must not get off track.  Give him time Poll and Im sure he will have a go again.  Life stress makes us start again plus its something which is ours.  How do you break a habit of a lifetime?  If we knew that everyone would give up Im sure.


TAke care,

Luv bren


This did make me smile. Admiring the world outside in solitary peace and quiet with a lovely cigarette is the one thing I still miss!



Hi Poll
Sorry to hear hubby has fallen off the wagon :frowning:
But try him again with the electric cigarettes. I have not smoked a real ciggie for a month and have no cravings at all. In fact, I have not even thought about using the electric cig at all for the last 2 days. And I have een a 20 a day smoker for 20+years!
The website is
Take a look, and make him have a look to.
Tell him from me, it tastes slightly different, but you get used to it quickly, and it does feel like smoking a real cig. You can also smoke them anywhere…and I mean anywhere! Xx

Thanks Bren, you understand graham`s plight, being a smoker trying to stop yourself.

I`m not having a go at him, but he went into the garage at 11am today, for a ciggy. Soon came back in as it is so cold!

He has an appointment with the stop smoking nurse tomorrow. Hes keeping it. Yesterday he smoked the morning, then nothing until 11am thats good.

Have you got a lot of snow? we have some, but Halifax is much worse, as they are higher up.


luv Pollx

Thanks Amanda, yes, I told him about the e-cigs. he`s looking it up now.

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx.

Sorry to hear your husband has fallen of the wagon.[it is verry hard to give it up]

My wife stopped with the e -cig,so i might give it a try when i am ready.[you need to be in the right frame of mind to stop]

Hope he manages to stop soon,not just for his health,but the cost of them now.

You Take Care.


My dad was a 60 a day man.  Quit every time the chancellor put the tax up and fell-out with all and sundry (so much so I even went and bought him 2 packs of Park Drive with my meagre pocket money - gave them to him and said "here, lets have peace in out time!"

Eventually he did decide to stop, quite calmly and I think this time he was doing it for himself.  He lived on Nuttalls Mintoes and as far as I am aware never had another cigarette AND he was ok to live with.  It is all in your state of mind I think.  Hopefully he will get his-self back on track soon, it is obviously not quite the right time for him to try at the moment.

Good luck for your coming Ruby Wedding Anniversary and congratulations to you both.  Ann

Hi Ann, thanks for your support…it means a lot. Hubby sees his nurse again tomorrow.

Oh, re the Ruby was 25th March! we all enjoyed a good family party.

luv Pollx