Too much

The last 5 weeks have involved organising the delivery of appropriate equipment and meeting an army of OTs wheelchair services, community nurses, specialist nurses, physiotherapists and GPs. It’s been down to me to liaise about dates, times and the authorisation of said equipment. There has been a constant flow of people in and out of the flat. And it’s not over. A friend suggested I put a lot of my old furniture and stuff up for sale. What? And have more phone calls and visitors from the world’s penny pinchers?

Still tough times ahead. At least my new batch of wine has arrived.



Tough times ahead indeed. I have rid myself of all unnecessary material items. Gone to the charity shop /dump. It is only material after all. Make room for the hardware! It is a difficult but rewarding and cathartic experience. Chill out with your wine and crack on tomorrow.



I am still here too. Karen x

Unfortunately it’s either go with the flow or go without. If you can’t cope with it then you’ll have to find someone to assist you.

Take care out there Steve & thank the heavens for some good spirits. Whisky, Wine & Wobbles.

I feel for you Steve. Having people in and out of your space is really difficult and exhausting. And that’s without organising it all.

My mum is always on my case about getting rid of my clutter and mentions it in front of others so they might add to the guilt, but as a hoarder I can’t part with my things. I managed to get rid of many of my books, cds and dvds but my ornaments are on show because I like all of them and I have my spare room full of sewing and craft things because they’re my hobbies and I only have so much as I inherited all my aunt’s sewing stuff when she died. I’ve given some away but l can’t part with what I like.

I don’t store rubbish or old newspapers etc and you don’t have to climb over things to get from room to room. I wish people would stop giving me grief about it all.

I hope things settle for you Steve. Don’t let people pester you to get rid of things you want to keep.

Take care