too hard

Hi, I’m feeling sorry for myself. started the day with a weep and just feeling too tired to cope.My husband decided to build up the fire night before last and had central heating on too. this made every bit of me hurt and my skin feel too tight. He’s lucky to still be alive but I can’t believe how inconsiderate he was.Last night he went to bed and left me to take daughter to panto rehearsal about a mile and a half away. I have no car and it’s the last thing i felt like doing after a full day at work. He’dhad the day off. Anyway Mike to the rescue. He drove us down then collected her later.Since these symptoms started I’ve been surprised that the help and support hasn’t come from the people who I thought would help me. Thanks Mike.And I have a brilliant daughter. enough of the feeling sorry for myself.

Sorry you feel so down at the moment I feel axactly the same a lot of the time. You are lucky to have Mike - who is he by the way you are lucky you have got him to help.

Take care


Hi Jan, Thanks for the reply. I think everyone needs someone like Mike. think I’ll run away with him but I’m too tired to pack. lol.Sometimes it just helps to talk and i should really stop thinking of how i was before. I hope things get getter for you and thanks.

Lynn xx


Sometimes people just don’t think, but perhaps your husband is a bit in denial? It’s hard for us to accept, but it’s also hard for them.

If he just doesn’t care, then maybe you should make the effort to pack!

Karen x

Hi ya,

This illness is hard enough for us to get to grips with. For others I think it can be even harder, but for different reasons obviously. I think most people have felt the same thing at one time or another and it can be exhausting explaining to people how this or that affects us.

It may be that your husband is finding it difficult to accept? I’ve had experience of that myself - one or two people who I thought would be a tower of strength for me…haven’t been at all, yet others have completely surprised me with their level of support.

I’m glad that Mike is there for you - we all need a Mike

((((hugs)))) are winging their way to you

Debbie xx