Did too much ............ :-(

Hi Everyone

The beginning ofnthe week was good - had a 10min walk each day which I managed fine, with stick, just slow. Today I went to visit an elderly lady which meant a walk then short 2-stop bus ride then another walk. Going there was fine & I had an hour & a half with her & walked to the bus stop to come back.  Oh gosh,it felt like the bus stop had been moved 2 miles away confused. My legs were like lead and I thought I wouold never get there. By the time I got to bus stop I sat on the seat exhausted & if someone had spoken to me I would have cried. I got my phone out to phone a friend to see if they could come & get me but felt so bad about doing that so I just waited for the bus. I then had to walk home (just few mins) when I got off the bus. I came in & flopped in a chair, still with coat on, and just sobbed. How could doing something so simple be so hard? crying1.

Just not been myself all day now & feel out of sorts. Does anyone else get like this, or am I just a wimp?

Bren x



Not being a wimp at all my love. You had a really hard day. Fatigue can make you feel so exhausted and emotional. Take it easy.

I am like you and would not have phoned a friend either. I would have struggled. Silly aren't we, eh? I bet our friends would have said so if they knew! ...and I would say the same thing if my friend/family needed help but didn't phone me. We are our own worst enemies really.

Maybe you could have a back-up plan in place for next time you feel so bad like this and need some help. Maybe a friend, a partner or family member? You could ask them if they would mind next time and they aren't busy if you could call on them for help. They will probably be only too happy to help.


I was about to log in and post almost the same thing!  I also overdid things a bit today, and ended up feeling absolutely shattered! 

I had to walk to the post office -- easy.  But then I forgot something, so I had to go back out to get something from the grocery store.  Then I forgot something else, so I had to go out again to get that -- the first shop I looked at didn't have it, so I had to go to another one.  By the time I'd left the last shop, I was SO tired and my legs also felt like lead.  I also got new glasses today, which have been giving me a killer headache, so that didn't help. 

You're not alone -- I have utmost sympathy!  In theory, these things should be easy.  In reality, they're quite draining. 

Morning x it’s so hard to understand isn’t it x midnight moon is right with her advice - but so you know you are not alone…

3 weeks ago I just had to get out of the house so hubby took me into town for a spin. We walked gently round the shops, not too far and had a nice lunch. BIG mistake - I slept all the way home in the car then crawled upstairs to bed and slept all evening and night. My feet hurt, legs hurt, I felt ill and sick and was whacked out for 3 days.

I blamed it on it being my first time out for 8 weeks. This week though I’ve had 3 hospital appointments in 3 days And all I’ve had to do is walk from the car to the outpatients - Monday I wasn’t too bad - Tuesday I was exhausetd when I got back - then Wednesday hubby and I went for lunch again after my appointment and by the time I’d left the restearant I couldnt walk x my legs and lower back went into spasm and my feet felt like there were needles in them x i was flat out and in agony if i moved - yesterday I recovered a bit but was back to only managing to hobble around the house a bit.

Are you on any meds yet? I’m not as the GP said he couldnt prescribe anything until i had seen the neuro and also because Im having all these endocrine tests as well - I cant even take a paracetamol as they could interfere with results!

so I’m just hoping that when I am eventually given something suitable it’ll improve xxxxxjenxxxxxxx

Hi Everyone

Thanks sooo much for your kind replies - and sorry I was whingeing a bit last night!

Today I'm still not great - brain fog + my legs are so painful and heavy - will probably have a lay down in a mo. Knowing I'm not alone in feeling like this is such a help. Just a few years ago I used to walk the whole distance I did yesterday, there and back, without using a bus either. Oh where did it all go wrong!

Midnightmoon - You're quite right, the friend I was going to ring wouldn't have minded at all & either she or her husband would have been pleased to help. I would ring them next time. My nearest family are about 70 miles away, so I'm grateful for many caring friends. Trying to be independent is 'costly' in terms of energy & pain though isn't it? Thanks for your encouragement.

HeatherFeather - I hope you're feeling easier with things today. I have to take a shopping list with me when I go out, even if it's for 3 things! Maybe that would help you too to save doubling up on trips out! Am grateful for your caring empathy.

Kizzydane - You've had a tough week yourself - tougher than mine. I really hope you can rest up. Yes, it will be helpful if you could get some meds to help. Don't know how you manage without pain relief - you're one brave lady! I'm on Pregabalin, which does help, but I'm not on the strength I should be because I don't like the weight gain. I'm finding it difficult to get round the flat so well today - used a stick to get to the bathroom this morning. Hey ho! You take good care & really hope your tests etc. are done real soon so you can get some answers and help.

So, thanks everybody - what would I do without you? You're appreciated.

Bren xx



In the same boat today, and in MS years I am old enough to know better.  But I tell myself that it is only by pushing myself too hard occasionally that I find out where the limits are.

The secret then is, of course, to learn from that.  That, of course, is the hard bit.

I hope you feel better soon.



Hi Alison. Thanks so much for your post. Yes, learning is the hard bit!  I have learned that if I do visit that lady again, I'll arrange a lift home before I even go.

Needed to go to my local shopping centre today (a short bus ride, but the bus stop is nearer to me). Getting there was fine, but I had forgotten it was Bank Hol weekend, and the queue just to get 5 items of food was a long wait letdown.

Thankfully I had my stick to lean on, & the kind checkout assistant packed my bag for me. I sat for two mins on a seat nearby & then an old lady came & asked if she could sit there! So, I obliged & again encountered a struggle to get to the bus stop.

I guess I'm realising that things are progressing, so it's a steep learning curve with how much I can do!

I was telling a family member how drained I was from this. She said "Oh, I felt just like that on Tuesday, I know how you feel!" She had spent 8 hours in a major shopping centre, walking round shopping - I'd only managed one shop!!

People just can't understand can they?

Do hope you're really resting up today Alison - and all the long weekend.

Take care, & I really appreciate you kind and helpful post.

Bren x

No, people can never understand your condition fully unless they have the same condition as you but I think sometimes people just want you to feel you are not alone? Or maybe people genuinely do believe they know how you feel. I think much of it is down to a lack of understanding on their part about a condition. I have diagnosed OCD for which I had had CBT for and you would be surprised how many people say they also have OCD because they just can't stand mess or they have to wash their hands thoroughly. Duh! I wish! lol.

I used to get mad about it but now I just let them get on with it and smile grimacingly at the floor. I can't be bothered to explain to those type of people. It's the ones who really listen who never compare themselves to you because thney know that they DON'T know what it's like just as I don't know what it's like to have a conditioon I haven't got. Don't know if I am making sense here actually but I know what I mean :)

People are strange.

Hi M......

Yes, you are making sense - very good sense happy2.

I have a good friend who is one who really listens &, like you said, she never says she understands how I feel. But what she does say is "I really feel for you", which is so different and means a lot to me.

The others, who think they understand, I'll just have to let it go ........

Thanks so much for your wise input.

Bren x