Think I've overdone it

Have had a couple of busy days and it was capped off yesterday with getting very stressed out and angry over a problem with my son’s transition day to secondary school. My twitching has become more erratic and trying to get the weekly shop done today has left me completely washed out. My legs are almost back to feeling how they were a fortnight ago and it feels like someone is pushing down on my hips, trying to push me down into the ground. Oh and the new bit is that it feels like someone is jabbing needles inbetween my fingers!Typical as I had started to feel so much better! Starting to wonder whether I’ve upset someone and they’ve got a doll of me that they are sticking pins into !!

:frowning: that’s no fun for you. Can you rest the next couple of days at all? Or as much as possible with kids. Xxx

I can for a bit while they are at school. My eldest is on a school trip after school tomorrow as well so one less but have got 3 other children over tomorrow afternoon. So that means 6 children to feed! At least it isn’t 10 which is a normal friday afternoon! Saturday is always busy as well. Unfortunately my husband works at a museum and he has got to start setting up for their largest show of the year so he will probably be at work most of the weekend and then we are at a christening on Sunday. I really was an idiot keeping going and then getting worked up. My head still keeps telling me that really I’m ok though! A friend does shiatsu and I’m seeing her tomorrow to see if she can help me. With my shoulder twitching I’m getting so tense around my neck muscles. Am hoping she might be able to help just a little bit. x

Wow you are busy then. Just try and rest when you can Xxxx

I will try. x