So i thought i would do some cleaning, ive figured i cant just give up on everything until the diagnosis. Surely life must carry on??

Well my mum keeps telling me take it easy, rest until we know where we stand but im such an ‘on the go’ person and loves to have a clean home!

Anyway my body is shaking like made, serious tremors like ive got a drill in me! :frowning:

Anyone get this? grrrr rant over!! sorry guys!


lol Poppy. I could have wrote this post. I am the same (as I said in the other post) and I am trying to set myself tiny goals each day just so I can feel like I have achieved something! I get this horrible feeling bit like I am shaking inside and my energy level just drains. I feel for you Poppy! ((((hug)))) xx


I get this too, I’m not shaking so you can see it, but I feel like I’m shaking…like internal tremor. my arms and legs also feel weak.

My wrists can hurt, my fingers also hurt, so it makes it very hard to squeeze or pick things up. These are just a few of my symptoms…


Me too! Just described it on the other post as feeling like I’m a bottle of fizzy lemonade

Have previously described it as feeling as if I have all the ‘white noise’ from on the tv (those fast flickering black and white bits) moving around like that inside me - but nobody understood that description. I know what I mean anyway!!


Yep, I can relate. Despite how often people tell me to slow down, I often think I’m superwoman anyway and can’t seem to stop. I think it’s also a problem of feeling “useless” if I’m not doing something and leave someone else to do the jobs I know I can’t do.

I’ve slowly started to put myself into a mindset of “Is it worth doing, knowing how bad I’ll feel afterward?” – Sometimes I get stubborn and go ahead anyway – but more often than not, reminding myself of the consequences helps me to stop and reconsider… Just a tip. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyones replies. I hope you all get some help. I’m struggling to adapt, im only 21 and finding taking all these symptoms in all abit hard. I think im experiencing the Ms hug today and i’m not liking this very much at all. Sorry guys feeling sorry for my self haha.

Everyone keep me updated on progress.

& message me if you ever just need a chat

Poppy xx