Tired, twitchy and sweaty :(

After a very tiring day yesterday - my sons graduation :smiley: today I feel absolutely wiped out! Hardly ate yesterday (apart from tablets) and was so tired when I got home I still didnt eat.

Today I ache all over, twitching all over the place, eyesight is terrible, I feel wobbly, my back spasms are back and the horrible sweats are almost constant. Oh and my leg has decided to get jerky today (new symptom for me).

Heard from hospitals yesterday… got MRI of spine next thursday, and VEP the following Wednesday… so it is all happening. Neuro did say that I would hear from MS nurse, but I havent yet (ten days on), so not sure whether to chase this up, or wait until after the MRI and VEP.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what is happening with me as not posted for a while. Hope you are all having a good day and have an even better day tomorrow :slight_smile:

Paula xx

It’s a right balancing act: deciding whether or not things we want to do but know will make us ill afterwards are worth it. Thankfully, the after effects are usually temporary.

Hope you feel better soon!

And congratulations on your son’s graduation :slight_smile:

Karen x

Congrats on your sons graduation - you must be so proud.

Karen put it beautifully. We are constantly having to balance doing things with our health and sometimes we do miss judge and over do it. Try and have some time out if you can - you’ve got a busy time ahead with appointments too so even more important.

Hope you feel better soon.



Thanks Karen and Reemz. I am a very proud Mummy, but it did really take it out of me yesterday. Well worth it though!

I am having a lazy day today so hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling ok.

It is tough balancing the things that need to be done, with the things that I want to do, but I am trying really hard now to listen to my body and accept that some things wont get done yet. Having been a bit of a perfectionist all my life, its tough for me to look around and see things out of place. Oh well… the start of a new way of life I guess.

Paula xx

big hugs hope you have a better day tommorow.