2nd Neuro tomorrow.... I'm going prepared :-)

So I posted last week I think?! It was about how unhelpful my last appointment was and that i felt I had just been fobbed off and made to feel like I was making all my symptoms up and that it was all in my head… Well not this time I have been through my diary from my last appointment with her and made a list of everything that has been going on… It goes like this :- Headache with and without loss of vision or blurred Numb legs/arms Tingling patches of skin Feeling of sea sickness/dizziness Tripping over Dropping things Loss of libido/sensation (for well over a year now I’m 37, not 107!) Twitching hands/cramping legs And feeling knackered ALL the time which when you look after children for a living isn’t good… Having a bath causes my legs to feel like they are on fire and have stabbing pains in them for a good time after I get out ( not had a bath in about 8mths) :frowning: Most of these come and go some in mins sometimes days or weeks. Headaches are an ongoing thing at the mo along with tingling skin and dizziness… This has append over the last 3/4 weeks and has happened before when on holiday in Egypt at Easter this year. Dose this make any sense ?? Or is it just waffle? And dose this list sound familiar to anyone… Why would anyone want to make all this up and want to be ill??? I have a family to look after I can do without all this crap as well… Arrrrgh

Well done just go for it and let us know how you get on.

Moyna x

Good luck for tomorrow. Neurological conditions are really difficult to diagnose, many of us who definitely have ms have different symptoms. Hopefully by this time tomorrow you’ll have some answers. Please let us know how you get on.


So I’m all done for today, It went ok still didn’t get out all that I wanted but I think I made a good case as she is now booking me for a LP another MRI with contrast more bloods and X-ray… She is now of the thinking she we could be looking at MS after saying its most unlikely!!! But it still could be something else… Nothing like a contradiction… Lol Anyway I feel today that we have taken a big leap forward and if the out come is MS for defiant then at least I know what I/we are dealing with and can adjust accordingly… And I won’t feel like such a hypercondriac lol Thanks for the support xx

Glad it went better than your last one x x x fingers crossed you will get some answers soon and can move in the right directions x x

I’m glad today went well for you. My LP gave me a definite diagnosis of MS and although it was a huge shock it’s really helping me to sort my life out and yes, the reassurance that I’m not a hypochondriac is a massive help to my self esteem.

Hope the process doesn’t take too long for you.

Min x