just typical

i am currently undiagnosed but having symptoms again. took the kids to school or should i say wobbled the kids to school lol then camw home looking forward to some peace to get some jobs done and what do i do fall asleep couldn’t keep me eyes open now i am on the sofa feeing like crap wishing my body would get a move on. sorry for moaning this is the worst i have been by far.

Go see yer Doctor!

I know the feeling! I’ve struggled to school also this morn and now i’m starting to stress about wobbling back again to pick them up. That’s all i’ve done all day and i feel exhausted!

I am diagnosed so don’t have the added stress of limboland. Hope you get the help you need soon.


Well perhaps you really needed some interrupted kip, eh?

luv Pollx

Probably because I was at work till 10 last night but not in till Friday now so hoping i will feel less wobbly and tingly by then