Toning tables

I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to use the toning tables. Has anyone else used them. Are they good for losing weight? How did you get on?

i tried them many years ago.

my aim was to lose weight and it didn’t help with that.

however with ms i imagine that the benefits will be getting the limbs moving,

give it a go and let us know how it was for you.

I have used them for the last couple of years, until a few months ago. My legs are now not so good and I have put weight on. Can’t wait to start up again.

I feel very achey but very good. I’m going back next week!

If you enjoy it, then why not. If weight loss is the aim, forget it. Toning tables seem to lose inches but only for a day or two. I’ve used them twice, the 1st time, I lost a total of 23 inches = or so the therapist happily announced. She’d measured my ankle, calf & thigh, wrists, forearm , upper arm, waist and chest. My little black dress suddenly slipped on. Two days later, when I needed it, it wouldn’t fit. I tried a second time, same result. To try something to work well, it fails the first time, try again a million times, using exact same manner. Still get the same result, that really is the definition of madness! To pay someone else only gives them in a high profit.

Loulindy, it’s a waste of time & money. Don’t fall for the hype!

To lose weight permanently is difficult but an achievement by eating less and moving more. Healthy lifestyle of good quality fruit, veg, and good food, no sugary stuff, and a small but daily exercises within capabilities. Weight loss guaranteed but you have to do this 6 days each week!

Thanks for all your comments. I’m not able to do much exercise so it’s to get moving really. It will make me feel better too.


I’ve been using toning tables for 18 months. They are fantastic.

You won’t lose weight on them but you will lose inches.

When I started 18 months ago I was a size 20 and I put this down to not being able to exercise.

18 months later I am now a size 14 and my posture and ability to move better than I did is amazing.

Anyone thinking of using them I would highly recommend they do.

There are many MSers at the centre I use in Bristol and we all find them very helpful.

Shazzie xx