power plate

Right.  I have been convinced by my need to get exercising as my balance is deteriating, legs stiff, fatigue incresing etc.  I am considering buying one of these plate things. 

i know everyone with MS is different but just wandered if anyone had experiences with these power plates.





p.s i am seeing a gp next week and will try and get referred to the local community hosital who have a rehab gym and physios and a power plate for me to try.

i use the power plate at our ms therapy centre and they also have them at my gym

they are really tiring though even if it doesnt feel like a big work out - it is!!

carole xx

I went and bought one, and found every time i went on it it made me feel really very ill, i tried it a few times but in the end gave up, i know a lot of people swear by them, but it was no good for me at all.

Hi Andrew,
I bought one a few years ago. I use mine when my legs are feeling stiff and to help with circulation.
It doesn’t feel like it should be a workout but it is!

Hope this helps


Hello there, I have had a little home one that I have used on and off for 3 or 4 years. I feel better for using it. I have aN 18 minute routine that I go through - watching the 10pm news with the tv turned up extremely loud! I feel straighter/better posture afterwards and circulation in feet and legs feels more comfortable.

I suggest you talk it through with your medical team/physios and see what you think

I am glad I have mine