Power plates (vibration therapy)

Yo all!

Just taken receipt of a home power plate (Bslimmer Gold, if you must know) after doing a course at the local beauticians.

First impression are that standing on it makes my body work a lot harder;  my circulation is better (feet are warmer!!!) and my shins have worked very very hard, lol.

There's a lot online to praise this machine and I can only find a few saying that long term effects aren't known yet and advising caution.  

Does anyone use one of these, and have they found their symptoms have become less? I know my lumbago is a lot better, and I'm putting quite a bit of muscle on my left shoulder, which is undersupplied with the necessary nerves to build muscle normally, which is just a touch miraculous.  And I've not had a single daily symptom since I started using one regularly.  Not a twitch, pain, buzz, numbness. Not one.

There's some online info about research that it can help MS patients. It can help with balance issues, and increase neuromuscular strength.   Parkinson's sufferers have found success, too.  

I'm sure it increases Endorphins and reduces stress hormones, I'm sleeping better with less tiredness mid-afternoon, which is great.

If you have a go, ask the Dr first and take it easy until you know how you'll go.  Expect to pay around £20 for 180 mins (10 mins twice a day is recommended) at a beauticians but you can find them at fitness clubs too.




Hi there,

      Yes, l have used one for 5yrs - bought it from idealworldtv - it cost me £149 - but now though are cheaper about £89.

l use mine regularly. l know the instructions say 10mins x3times a week - but l do use mine for longer and more often.

lt works every muscle in your body - especially good for 'core muscles'. l do a variation of yoga/pilates exercises on it and always end with a cool-down - sitting on the plate for a few mins.