Vibration plates

Hi All,

happy new year!

does anyone use a vibration plate? I am thinking of buying one for my MS partner but not sure if it will just be something she tries once, doesn’t like then never uses again. Or maybe it’s like so many things, it works for some people and not for others.

l have one - its a Lanaform Power Plate - they do not take up much room - and you are only supposed to use it for 10 mins three times a week. You gradually build up the intensity. Mine cost me about £160 - but l think they are cheaper now. Had it for about 15yrs. You could always see if a local gym would let you try theirs. lt certainly works the ‘core muscles’ and you stand in different types of yoga/pilates positions. lt works all the body - without you having to do much at all - this is why it is often one of the favourite machines at the gym - apart from the vending machine!! Mine is very sturdy - so l can stand well on it and hold the handle part.

Have you looked at any online.

ms therapy centres usually have them so try there for a test drive.