Anyone tried a Vibration Plate?

I’m thinking of adding one to my exercise set-up. My legs shake enough already, but I’m thinking a bit of alternating resistance, will strengthen something at least. Using a Circulation Booster has been doing great & it seems quite similar.

They are around £62 on Ebay, but I’ve never tried one before.

There’s enough gadgets gathering dust around & I need no more.

I’m getting some positive results from my MS adventure. From foods & trying different routines & hobbies. It’s been fun.

Terry is trying.

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Hi Terry,

At this rate you’ll be able to set up your own business with all your exercise equipment and amazing food recipes that you come up with - you’re doing brilliantly so keep doing what’s working for you :slight_smile:

Sorry but I can’t help you about the Vibration Plate though as I don’t do well with Vibrations maybe somebody else can help.

Take Care Terry Trying.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Terry

Can’t help about a vibration plate, sorry but sure someone will know.

I have an internal vibration in my legs, as though my mobile phone is under me, so for me I wouldn’t want to try, but hope it works for you.

I am eating more garlic like you suggested, but nowhere near the amount you get through, but I am trying.

Have a good weekend, football season back next weekend…I shall be watching and cheering loudly.

Pam x

Great old garlic to the rescue. It keeps them vampires away. They soon scurry back to their coffins, when they get a sniff.

Watched a few videos on the Vibration Plate. They are looking good.

A fat burning tool. Shake what your mother gave you & all that.

I’m glad of these breezes & rain.

Someone gave me a few old canvases earlier & I nearly took off. It’s inspired a stencil of some wings. :slight_smile:

Hello Terry.

I’ve thought about one and have discussed it with fellow sufferers.

Most of them said they are now gathering dust.

I shrug my shoulders in the style of a Frenchman saying “Ahhhhhh pfffffff.”

Best wishes.

I have had a vibration plate for several years, and used it 3-4 times per week for over 3 years.

Cost a lot of money, but never seemed like proper exercise to me - just made me think I was actually doing something to try staying active!!

Hasn’t prevented slow but steady deterioration in mobility, so it just serves to support my belief that this $%£&** of a condition has already decided how it will progress/develop regardless of what measures you try taking.


I’m getting that impression myself Dom. It does keep us active playing the MS game.

I can hardly walk today, but living in hope. There is a hope in hell, surely.

I must admit, I do like collecting gadgets. It’s like Christmas, when the delivery service turns up.

I was rolling around with bad cramp the other day & I heard my neighbour saying I had a screw loose. Even when people know there are problems, they still make snide comments. I’m just practising my break dance routine.