vibration plate exercise

Hello all - what a lovely day today compared to yesterday here in Yorkshire!

I wondered if anyone has had experience of using a vibration plate? I managed to get lose nearly 2 stone, but as my MS has worsened recently, the exercises on the wii fit I used to do are not always possible. I have heard that the vibration plates are really good - but would they help me keep my weight down too?

Good and Bad experience stories welcome!!


Hi Helen,

Ive been told the vibration plates are good for the musculature system and for bone strengthening. Also helps balance too. Ive not got one myself but would love one as Ive got osteoporosis. Theyre recommended on the osteo site and reports have been very good.

If you get one let us know what you think and if you notice any difference. Well done with the weight loss by the way.



Hi Helen…

I had RRMS, but that’s recently changed to SPMS.

I used Flabelos vib machines for about the last 3 months of last year, and about the first 2 months of this year.

I can honeslty say that on the outside my health didn’t change, neither did my weight! As for muscles and bone strengthening…, well my muscles did change slightly, and who knows about the bones…, that’s anyone’s guess.

I no longer use it as i’ve recently had quite a downfall in my health - leg spasms (really bad) total stiffness in one leg, and numbness down the right side of my body. I’ve been diagnosed 11 years and up to this year, MS has been very benign in it’s symptoms.

Did the vib plate do any damage? again that’s unknown, all documentation states that it’s good for MS, but I’m not sure - therefore I no longer use it.

Sorry to put a downer on it, but think long and hard…



hi Helen, yes haven’t we had a lovely day. I even tried a short walk with my new tri walker (only managed to go the short length of my street and back). I have a vibraion plate, and think it is great. Depending on how I feel I can do lots of different exercises on it. And to boot I have lost about 10lbs, which is good. PM me if you need more info

Lynne x

I bought one, and the 1st time i used mine it made me feel really ill, i lost my balance and just felt very, very weak,it sort of shook my brain up,if that makes sense, i left it a week or so, because it scared me, and then went on it again,only for the same to happen, so i didnt use it again.

jaki xx

I know that Campion swears by hers - maybe she’ll see this and comment.

Bouncy x

l think you would benefit from a power-plate exercise machine. l have had mine for about 5yrs. lt cost me £149 -from ldealworldtv - they are much cheaper now - £89 - l do most of my ‘yoga’ type positions on it. lt does not take up much room - so is handy to push behind the sofa

when not in use. They were originally designed for folk like us. And l know that they have become the ‘favourite’ machine at gyms. You get a real good workout without having to put much in to it. Do start off slowly - warm up and cool down - lts a great temptation to overdo it at first.

You can see your muscles really working - muscles that you can’t work yourself. Have a look on the website and see if they have any videos

you can watch or you should be able to see their tv channel - l think its freeview 22.


Yes Vibration Plates is a great Anti aging therapy for people who are obese and have excess body muscles. Vibration stimulates the body and burns the calories and makes you fit and trim and gives young look.


I must admit that I am a bit wary of them. I used one weekly for about 12 weeks. I do not think it made me fitter, or leaner or healthier. I stopped because something went horribly wrong. One day my dodgy left leg collapsed underneath me and there I was, a heap on the pavement. I then spent an afternoon in a Dutch hospital and they found nothing the matter.

Got back to the UK, saw my osteopath he said that some ligaments in my lower had been incorrectly stretched by the trainer of the vibrating plates. The collapse was caused by a pinched nerve.All OK after visit and also time was a good healer

These days I cannot walk much, drop foot and weakness but I do yoga once a week and stretches every. Go out with my rollator as much as possible…

Beware the hype


Yes they are supposed to be good for spasticity. My neuro physio said it would not be good for people who have had a lot of steriods. I use one in the gym - it is the original power plate which are the best. My legs always feel like jelly afterwards but settle down to feeling quite good after an hour or so. If I over do it I find that it can start at attack of clonus.

Moyna x

Hi Helen. they are brilliant but a word of warning, use it on a solid floor (I never though of that, and it started to weaken the , floorboards). You can even use it on a rough day, just sitting on it is good for your core muscles. You live near to me, do you want to buy mine!

Lynne x

Hi Helen the MS therapy Centre that I iccasionally use for physio have one, so may be worth your while trying out at your local centre or at the gym, that way you can decide if its for you before splashing out on something that isnt of benefit.

Good Luck


i use the power plate at my ms therapy centre and occasionally use one at the gym.

they are good but i only do 5 minutes because they make me so tired

also it feels like it is shaking your teeth out! but i’ve been told to put your feet further forward as it doesnt vibrate as strong

carole x

Just made me giggle!!

Jen x

Hi Helen!
I would like to know more about, how vibration plate exercise help to stimulate our body function well and how much time will it take for best results start. Please suggest me.