Hi Has anyone got one of the wash and dry toilets in there home ? Are they any good? How much do they cost?Regards Peter

Hi, I had thought about getting one when we were installing my new wet room. OT said she`d recommend me one for a disabled facs grant…but they took too long to consider and I coudnt wait any longer (no pun intended!)

They cost around 3k!!!

I have heard they are bril, but never tried one.


What is a wash and dry room?


Yes, I’ve got one & it’s brilliant, it was installed for me under a means tested council grant. They also installed an electric seat lift that raises & lowers me to get up & down easily. I’m not sure of the lift price but the wash/dry loo was about £3000

Rosina x

Thanks for everybodys reply. I just have to find out a good make now as I don’t want to buy a rubbish one. Anyone any idears?

Hi Rosina Du you happen to know the make of the toilet

My bath taps are touching distance when seated on the loo, so I just changed the taps for taps with a shower hose attachment. Well under £100 but admittedly it doesnt dry. Sure any competent plumber could install a bidet hand shower next to the loo for not that much more.

Sitdown on loo electronic wash and dry bidets for under £500. Installation must be possible for just a few hundred more at most.

Mine is Clos-o-mat too (3K cost as well), had a couple of mechanical problems withit but Total Hygiene fixed in both cases, there is an annual £170 service contact to have them do repairs etc. (think this is optional). I did see a company called Gerberit Aquaclean as an alternative, but their products didn’t seem as flexible on options to modify the toilet for your disability. Also you could consider a company that imports Japanese toilets too since these all tend to have the spray and dry stuff built in.