Can anyone offer me advice I have a problem - after I use the loo I am finding it more and more difficult to clean myself - embarassing and awkward - as I use a raised toilet seat there seems no easy solution - has anyone else had this problem and how can i overcome it - please any advice very gratefully received

Hi, I also have this problem, when I sometimes have to ask hubby or carer to finish the job for me!

Have you heard about `close-o-mat toilets?

They act like a bidet. They are very expensive, but maybe you could get a DFG to pay for one, if an OT recommends you need one.

I recently heard about a loo seat with the washing/drying system built in. It must be cheaper.

I`ll do a quick google and get back to you, if I find anything.

luv Pollx

Me again! it`s called the kohler C3 toilet seat.

It acts in the same way as the close-o-mat toilet.

No prices were quoted, but take a look and see, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I NEED a bog seat with a remote control and a fuzzy blue light. Looks good and I’ll endeavour to find the price,'cos could be a really handy thing one day,when I can’t manage a handstand in the shower.

Thanks for that,

Wb x

I now have a terrible image of you handstanding in the shower…thanks…just about to eat me tea…:wink:

Oh, I don’t know…it mightn’t be that bad…!!! :)))

Now,now girls,form an orderly queue.Anu,you’re welcome to use my bog as you see fit,and MrsH,are you due an eye test?

Wb xx

Yup !! Note to self !! Xx

Hello again - have checked out recomendations, not cheap, but anything must be better than not being clean, unfortunatley have not got partner or carer, have seen those spray gun things but am thinking would need to be more flexible. thankyou though for helping me feel I am not the only one with this problem. Am going to have to sort a solution

Me again.

Are you going to ask an OT to do an assessment for you? Could be worth it.

Wb, I`ll pass on the invite ta.

luv Pollx

You can buy a portable bidet from Amazon, not sure if would fit with your raised seat - it’s just a plastic ‘basin’ that fits under the seat, you have to fill with water then throw used water down the pan.

Hello Anon,you can also get a bog seat on folding legs that is good for sitting on and attending to personal hygeine.Apparently it is for ladies to use whilst camping when they get the call of the wild, and was on Dragons’ Den a few years back.Can’t have done that well as it was only a tenner on Amazonia.


You get some very fancy toilets these days geared up towards disabled people. They have various functions ranging from waving your hands in front of the toilet to flush it. There is also a toilet where the flusher can be operated with your elbow, the toilet has a bidet function to wash you then a dryer to dry you. I don’t know the cost but as a disabled person you will be able to buy one vat free. If you want to pursue this you would be better going to a builders merchant type of place where they should have knowledgeable staff and catalogues, they might even have one on display. Cheryl:-)

Maybe what you need is a bidet shower which you use whilst seated on the loo and which do not seem exensive and are commonly available in many other countries. See link: