toileting ideas

Hiya am embarassed about asking but really would apreciate any practical ideas. My problem is when I go to the loo I cannot stand independantly which is to a point ok in getting there, hold on to hand rail with one hand and with extreame speed pull down any clothing and I’m there,BUT getting off is another matter, if I have a dress or skirt on keeping it up while I pull up underwear one handed, well basically not enough hands, and if I have trousers on, well lets say 10 mins later I may have achieved something. I am sure there is a sensible solution but I can not work it out. PLEASE any ideas would be VERY gratfully received


Sorry i cant help but im bumping your post back onto the first page. I hope someone else can help you. Teresa.x

Hi, when wearing a skirt of dress, I either hold the hem between my teeth, or tuck it into my bra.

Any good?


Hi, I only wear skirts and trousers with elasticated waistbands these days, so they can be pulled down when going to the loo. Makes life easier. Heather

Hmm I struggle with this, I have a spcatheter and tend to wear convertible pants (ones that detatch at the knees) which makes no 1 toiletting v easy! Appreciate that this is probably of no help if you haven’t got one, hopefully someone else can help

hi daphne

i was going to suggest a speedicath but schoey beat me to it.

ask your gp if he could prescribe a box for you or if he could refer you to a continence nurse.

it might seem drastic as you seem to be managing ok in most situations but you might find it well worth while

carole x

ps daphne

its quite liberating being able to pee like a man

carole x