What a simple idea

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a good Christmas Day.

I wanted to share a simple thing that maybe everyone already knew. I recently attended a day held by my health trust for people newly diagnosed and an Incontinence Nurse there said that we should all have a small stool (of the wooden or plastic variety!) to put our feet on when on the loo. She explained that this can help keep things moving on the bowel front but also help empty the bladder properly. I have only minor problems (fingers crossed) on the bladder front but thought it was an easy thing to try and I’m anxious not to end up with an infection. I has made such a massive difference I can highly recommend it .

Here’s to a Happy New Year!



Hello Julie

It’s not a new idea, but one that not everyone knows about.

The idea is that essentially the higher your knees are, the easier it is to completely empty your bladder, and hence less infections because infections are often caused by urine sitting in your bladder because you can’t empty properly. And of course it helps with bowels too. So people keep a small step, an empty plastic box, a stool, or whatever you can find that’s easy to put your feet onto when sitting on the loo.

Whatever you can do to keep things moving naturally and avoiding infections too.

So, it’s always a good idea to share these things.

Happy New Year to you too.


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hiya julie

thanks for sharing. i knew this already-hence a stool in my loo and one at mums!

i have another tip! one for further down the line and not now!

my back door opens inwards so getting into the house much easier than getting out! friend of mine has a button that he fob that presses and an electronic thing fitted to the door enables easy opening and closing with very little input from him.

i will be honest-i cant afford such a thing but i do like to find a plan b!

plan b solution is a dog lead! attach to to the inside of the door handle as i pass tho ugh the door. then pull it shut the lock! £4.99 for extendable lead compared to 3/4 grand for technical way! you read it here first folks! pmsl!

oh-i should mention all this is managed from my powerchair!



I have a dressing gown hanging on the back of the inside on the bathroom door. It’s only purpose is to provide me with something to yank on so I can close the door from inside (it opens outwards to increase space). This is obviously from my wheelchair.

Generally all the other doors in my house stay open full time.

Some things you only ever think about if you use a wheelchair indoors!



Thanks to JW for the bladder tip. I’ve never heard it before, although I visited the continence nurse for years. I even have a little step stool in the loo to help me be in the right position for emptying my bowels but never knew it was useful for my bladder.