Hi all Bit of back ground has I’m new to here My bladder is dead doesn’t work got a supra pubic catheter… Struggling with infections constantly. My bowels arnt working either it started off with lack of going, to not going at all using enema and bowel medicines but just goes round in a terrible circle I can’t get out off. Is their anything else I can do for myself to help the situation. Coz im at a loss :frowning:

Fortunately I don’t have this problem yet and with masses of luck I never will, so I can’t advise on this problem. I’m only posting to bump you back to the top of the page in the hope that someone will be along soon to help.

Best wishes

Jan x

Thank you Jan I hope someone can.give me the advice it’s frustrating when we don’t function.properly X

aw bless you angel

my bladder has let me down big style, wetting myself in the wetherspoons!

mortifyingly embarassed.

my bowels need a prompt to get going too.

it is a flipping horrible disease this

carole x


Once the bowels get going the bladder usually does too!! You are not alone with this but it can be managed. Ask to get referred to a continence nurse as they can support. Personally I need I helping hand too (as Carole suggests you are not alone in this!! - glycerin suppositories are a big help!! ) xx

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​i use Peristeen system to help with signalling to get the bowels working. Here is a link which might be of use

good luck


Hi I have bladder and bowel issues. I read on the NHS page the other day that constipation can increase the risk of getting urine tract infections. I’ve changed my diet to eating more vegetables to increase fibre and also do pelvic floor exercises.

i find taking magnesium helps to keep me ‘going’ on a regular basis.It also helps with spasms too.

J x

Hello Angel30

I’ve got similar problems, neither bowel nor bladder work at all. I ISC for the bladder but have tried all and everything to make the bowel work: Movicol, magnesium (including milk of magnesia), dietary changes, castor oil, glycerol suppositories, Peristeen, micro enemas, everything I’ve heard might help. So while I still take movicol, and magnesium, and eat a diet with lots of vegetables and wholemeal, it’s only slightly helpful as nothing I put in the top end helps with the mechanics. Added to this of course is a slow digestive process.

The problem is that my external sphincters don’t work (and the internal ones aren’t up to much either), so the consistency of the end product is a bit irrelevant to actually expelling poo. And I think this is also the reason why Peristeen and micro enemas don’t really work well either. As the whole mechanism is faulty, I can’t expel the water from the Peristeen and the liquid etc from the enemas.

So, the only thing I have been left with is manual evacuation. I’ve been doing this for years now, it began when I was trying to use glycerol suppositories, the action of trying to get one into the anus actually stimulated the poo. So, I began cutting out the suppositories. I now get lubricating gel on prescription and do it as a matter of course. If you don’t have a handy sink for vigorous hand washing, then those thin disposable rubber gloves help to make things easy to keep clean.

Given that I do this a couple of times a day, and ISC about 6 times a day, I’ve only had one UTI in 18 months. So I think what I’m doing is the right thing for me at present.


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I agree the uti Are coming because of the bad constipation waiting to see a bowel specialists but as u all.probably know they don’t rush anything anymore even.tho we suffer I have to blast music out in the bathroom so my girls don’t hear the crying out in pain Then the supra pubic starts leaking from the wound site and from the uretha which is like a thousand knifes down there it comes to the case where u fear to go to the bathroom just so u don’t have to go through it Thank you everyone for the comments Just knowing I’m not the only one with the same problem is helpful coz I know who to speak to now xx