Need to pee but can,t

hi everyone i have been able to stay clear of UTI but now iam struggling with one after another over the last month.yesterday i started with yet another .i keep burning out ,back pain,needing to pee all the time with the pain especially when i finnish.also i never feel like i have empitied by bladder completely and i have pain which seems to last longer.i now feel my bladder is getting fuller and i need to empty it.i have never been shown how to catherise my self. and i have no one to ask ,i can,t ask my ms nurse as the last time i saw her was three and a half years ago ,and despite attempts to contact her i get no response.i am at my wits end i am frightened i am not going to beable to pee and i can,t do anything about it.has anybody got any advice for me i could do with any tips please.

take care all of you xx

hi mistymoo

ask your gp for antibiotics and a referral to the continence nurse

you can probably refer yourself

there are adverts for the bowel and bladder clinic on tv in the uk, anybody can ring them not just pwms

my bladder nurse showed me how to self catheterise and although i was horrified at the thought, it really has been a lifesaver

if you are constipated that also stops you being able to pee

good luck

carole x

Blimey Mistymoo I agree with Carole. You really MUST see your GP tomorrow. Ask for an urgent referral if necessary to be seen. Phone local hospital, ask to be put through to continence clinic. See if you can self refer. If you explain your predicament one of the continent nurses may talk to you on the phone. If you’re really not peeing enough you might need to go to a walk in centre or A & E. Maybe not I’m not sure about this hopefully other opinions will help. Good luck Min xx

Ditto what Carole says. Continence nurses are so kind and helpful and the help you get is such a relief. Self-catheterisation has really improved my life! Get the UTI sorted! Teresa xx

I agree with all the above. My continence nurse was my life saver. Self catheterising can be a bit tricky to get the hang of but was life changing. It’s imortant to get UTI’s sorted asap.

I hope you get sorted quicky

Sara x


I am with everyone else here see your GP like today or get urgent medical help and if you end up needing to self catheterise it not as bad as it seems. Very soon its your new normal and really convenient especially when out and about.


I echo what everyone else has said but stress make sure you aren’t constipated (a full bowel can press on your bladder making it difficult to fully empty).

Make sure you’re drinking enough - water or fruit juice and eating veggies and fruit - linseeds sprinkled on breakfast is great for constipation (assuming your breakfast is cereal rather than a full English!).

I find it easier to pee (and the other whilst we’re in the region !) if I place my feet on two upturned toilet rolls. I thought this was a marvellous idea and looked at ‘inventing’ it some time back but discovered to my horror that someone had already been there and invented the 'SquattyPotty (and similar products )…my chance to be a multimillionaire almost literally flushed down the loo…

Oh, now I absolutely have to look for a squatty potty ?!! Really ? Xx

They look fabulously useful but wouldn’t ‘go’ with our bathroom so am sticking to my two upturned toilet rolls , at least visitors don’t ask why there are two loo rolls at the side of the toilet !!

Am laughing on the outside but on the inside, thinking ummmm what a good idea…my continence nurse gave me the tip of raising feet but she never mentioned a squatty potty…I sooo have to ring her. Gotta stop giggling first…so childish !! Xx

If yoy can’t get an appointment with you GP for tomorrow call NHS Direct or visit a Minor Illness unit - It is inportant your UTI is dealt with urgently … NHS Direct and I expect the Minor Illness unit can also advise you and /or get you a quickish referral to the local continence service. Its worth taking a urine sample to one of these appontments too - Drs/NHS/Minor Illness - clean container - !st wee in the morning - mid stream. The testing will be quicker! Our local practice nurse can deal with these and get a prescrption from the Dr.


Just wanted to agree that you need to get your UTI dealt with - otherwise you risk getting a kidney infection, which is much more serious.