Help I really need to pee!!!!

I have been having problems with my bladder for a couple of months. First i was peeing frequently like twice within 20 minutes and about 8 times at night. Then it changed to I really needed to go but it was an effort and most times I don’t feel like I have emptied my bladder.
My gp gave me tablets to help with the amount of times I needed to go but I came of them yesterday as I had iv steroid treatment 2 weeks ago and I wanted to see if they helped.
I’m desperate for a wee but can’t and I do not want to consider the option of self cath!
I haven’t started my injections yet either.
ANY help will be wonderful.

Love Steph and her poor bladder :frowning:

How long have you not been able to go, Steph?

This is urgent, and can't just be left.  I know you don't want to consider using a catheter, but you do need medical attention.  It may be that they will have some other ideas, before resorting to the catheter.

I think you need to see your GP ASAP.  In fact, I'm a bit worried about even suggesting "tomorrow", because if that meant you didn't go all day today, and all night, that would be dangerous.

What happened when you were on the tablets you've just stopped?  Were you able to "go" normally?  If you were, then the obvious suggestion is to resume the tablets, as it seems to be stopping them that has messed things up.

Good luck!



Hi Steph,

I just wanted to say that using a catheter isn't really that bad! I used one for the 1st time this morning and it was dead easy!!  Like you I was reluctant but it really isn't a problem at all.

Hope you get sorted,

Sarah x

hi steph


i find that constipation stops me from peeing. 

(even a good fart helps)

i have a strange little ritual now. 1. break wind if possible    2. start to pee but be patient and wait as long as it takes    

3. jerk my abs to restart to get a bit more out     4. try leaning forward and back


it gets to be a bit of an obsession, like nellie pledge "have you been walter?"


good luck and i hope you pee soon


love carole xx


Yep, I reiterrate what Carole has said.  I do the rocking motion, pat dry, do it again and most times now I pee the same amount second time as the first, in one sitting.  I was surprised how much was left in my bladder.  I must have been storing it up for a very long time.


If you cannot empty your bladder properly then you will need help from the continence nurse.  Dont be afraid to ask for help, the bladder is sensitive to any change and reacts.  It may be your muscles are spasming at the wrong time thus voiding is impossible.


I went through a stage where I couldnt pee at all, so had to ask for help.  Now I know what to expect and when to ask for help, but if you really do need help then ask away, the nurses are wonderfully patient, caring and its not at all embarassing.


Take care,



Hi Steph,

what tablets were you on? when I tried amytriptaline they stopped me peeing! 

As Dognation said self cathaterisation not as bad as one fears. I find it easy to do and such a 'relief'!!

As others have said rocking back and forth also helps.

See your incon nurse and get help asap.

Hope you 'go' soon

Hugs Kathryn

i was on vesicare 5mg. I am getting a little out after about 5 -10 mina staring at the bathroom walls! But i still have the heavyness in my lower stomach and something telling me i need to go!

phone ms nurse and doctors tomorrow! Docs and or ms nurse can get you in touch in contenence nurse,

if nothing else take plenty of books and magazines into the loo!

Hang in there - hugs Kx


I second what Anitra said. If you haven't had a pee for 12 hours it really can't wait. It is a medical emergency. Pee can back up the urethers into the kidneys and cause a lot of damage so a trip to emergency might be in order for a cath I am afraid.

But if you want to try a home remedy first try hopping in  a warm bath. Sometimes the warm water will help it "let go". Now is not the time to be embarrassed about weeing in the bath!!!! If you don't have a bath a warm shower might do the trick but try and sit down in the shower to simulate a more "natural" weeing postion.

If that doesn't do the trick and it is longer than 10 hours since you have last had a wee you really do need to head off the ER. It can't wait until tomorrow I'm afraid :-(

Actually, once you get past the idea of cathing it isn't that bad. I self cath pretty regularly and it ia just another matter of course thing I do now. 

It does sound like going back on the tablest might be an idea too :-)

Best of luck,


I went back on my tablets to see if that helps. I am able to get drips and drabs out bt not a full flow.

Another thing too.... if you are just going in drips and drabs you might have a UTI. I really do suggest you get yourself checked out.

All the best,


I was at the hospital a week or 2 ago for iv steroids and they tested my urine everyday so don’t think its an infection. Just messages from my brain to my bladder are getting lost in translation lol

Hi Steph,

i find i get this problem lots lately.  i actually find that drinking more water helps the wee come out you dont have the trouble of having to find the right posistion or the stopping and starting.also, i find that i feel that my bladder has emptied properly.



Anna x

Hi Stephanie- I hope that you are sorted by now. I just want to add that self catherisation gave me my life back. So now I control my bladder rather than it controlling me.
Min xx

Couple of things which may or may not help....turn the taps on in the bathroom when you're on the loo. Not too fast, just enough to hear the trickle of water. It can have an effect on some people that makes them want to pee.

You may also want to try gentle pressure on your lower abdomen, your bladder is in there and I know a few times my partner has mentioned not to press there when she is desperate to go!

I went back on my tablets and everything was getting back to normal bt I’m having a bad day again today. I have tried rocking, pressure on my stomach. I am getting the odd bit out bt not enough to stop the pains or the urge.