Bladder problems

Dx last June 2011 - For the past 4-5 months been having trouble passing water, mainly first thing in the morning, mentioned to my MS nurse who suggested I try temp caffiter… Whether its me being stubborn or just getting used to this illness, but I’m NOT ready for caffiters… today got up and going back and fore for the last 3 hours and only passing small amounts of urine… My other half has said I dont drink enough so I’m not going to be going to the toilet much… But it is stressing me out and do tend to get a heaviness in the lower back area… Obviously I’m afraid of causing more problems… but wanted to try and keep managing myself… does anyone else have problems and if so have you tried temp caffiter??? I know i’m only putting off something that I’m going to have to do, but hey, please, didnt think it would be so soon… also wondering if its the amitriptyline 50mg… Any replies would be great, thanks x…


I had this urge to visit the bathroom every 15-20 minutes especialy at night.During the night I would have to use the bathroom 15-20 times before I then felt my bladder was empty.Yet I was feeling my bladder was so full I would burts but when I went the bathroom I only did a small amount.

It appears due to MS my bladder goes into spasm hence the frequent need to use the bathroom.

Im also on Amitriptyline and this appeared to help a little,but once I got onto Baclofen what a diffrence it made.I no longer have frequent visits to the bathroom and only need to use the bathroom twice at night.

I am so glad as it was restricting my life.


Hi there I had bladder problems which resulted in UTIs. I was tested and told that stale urine wasn’t clearing from my bladder. An incontinence nurse visited me at home and taught me to self catheter. I do it three times a day and have fewer problems. It is a quick easy procedure and has helped massively. Give it a go and all the best Sandypops

I also self catheterise -sounds gross -but it has massively improved my life as no constant trips to the loo. Also on tolteridine. and my magic bladder tablet- desmopressin -stops me getting up at night- its really to stop bed wetting - I don’t care I sleep through with it Hugs Min xx


See a continence adviser and bite the bullet. Easy for me to say four and a half years into self-catherising and after bladder botox but honestly the sooner you get help the better and hopefully the smaller the amount of damage you’ll do to your bladder. Self-cath is easy once you get used to it and nothing to be scared of. I remember crying as I felt my life was coming to an end but honestly it will help so much and you wont constantly be feeling like you need to go to the loo. If you can get botox too then go for it!

To me MS seems to be; having to accept change and go with it, get help early and find solutions. Rely only on yourself to get anything medical done and find out the best solutions to your problems as quick as possible. It’s another mountain to climb and obstacle to overcome but the sooner you accept it and deal with it the sooner you can continue life as normally as possible.

You can get catheters you use in normal toilets and you don’t need to look for disabled loos everywhere. It’s as discreet as sanitary items and once you’ve learned to do it, use a mirror and wipes to help, then life is as normal as us MSers can hope.

Sorry I’ve waffled on but I’m passionate that you get help and it’s not that bad. PM me and I’ll try to reply inbetween looking after two under 5’s!

Take care,

BF x


What I don’t know about bladder problems is not worth knowing so i will try to be brief!!!

DX 6 yrs ago almost instantly started having bladder trouble. As i worked in a school and did not want to embarress myself infront of 200 kids I had all the tests at the hospital to see what the problem was. It showed my bladder was like a babies - filling up then emptying with no warning and needing to wee but only going a tiny bit every time, and never emptying fully. Was taught to isc which was good for a short time then was offered botox as was using up to 8 isc a day and sometimes at night. I refused to have the botox as was scared about having a general anaesthetic. Struggled on for 2 more years then after getting up 8 times in one night and waking up my household decided enough was enough.

botox is brilliant as it froze my bladder totally, you have to be able to isc as usually, and with me, it was the only way to empty my bladder. bhotox does not work for everyone but for me was incredible. every 3 hours i would do isc and then would know that for the next 3 hours i would not need to find a loo!!! it has now worn off ( after 2 years!!!) and i remember how horrid it was before!!! i am waiting to have more and now don’t worry about the op as it is so fantastic to do isc before go out then not have to worry about finding loos - or worse!!!

The only thing with isc is the higher chance of getting an infection as you are putting something foreign into your body. But do not worry about doing isc, when i went to learn about it i fainted because i thought it woulb be horrific but it wasn’t!!believe me if it works GO FOR IT!!! time for your bladder to do what you want not what it wants!!

fingers and legs crossed that this has helped!!