embarrassing problem

i have an embarrassing problem and wondered if anyone suffers the same.

if i have a number two in the morning, i am so stiff that i cant wipe myself properly!

ive been suffering for a while now and have only just told my husband. should i mention it to my doctor?

tammie x

hi tammie

i understand how you feel.

at the moment i’m ok but i can really recommend those andrex washlets (the ones that make you feel as clean as gold pants).

it’s up to you whether you tell your doctor.

you could mention it to your ms nurse who may be able to advise.

maybe a muscle relaxant like baclofen would help.

good luck

carole x

I agree with Carole, Andrex Washlets are great, I wish I had discovered them years ago.

Jan x

hi carole, i have just started on baclofen so hopefully it will start to ease the problem

tammie x


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My stools are like maltesers at the moment, so no problems. Bet yah glad I shared that…really need an edit button for my mouth…or a zip

We have them andrex wipes, really cheap in body care in comparison to supermarket.

If you haven’t time for a full shower you could always shower your lower body if that will make you feel better.


thank you for your replies. i will try the wipes.

tammie x

Try contacting the occupational therapist at the council, they may be able to provide a closomat toilet for you with a built-in bidet.

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Hi Tammie

​Saw this and thought of you! Wish I lived nearer to where it’s being sold, sounds like a real bargain :slight_smile: x