I hope botox works for this too

EEK! For all the indignities of of the last 4 years with urge incontinence I was counting my blessings that at least it wasn’t impacting on the marital bed. Then just a month away from botox woke up in a wet bed! The shame! Been mildly scolded as the bedding had only just been changed yesterday. Wife went out to buy waterproof cover. Then my brother rings up asking if we want to come over for Christmas and stay the night. Doesn’t know about the waterworks problems, least I hope not! Thought something was odd when I woke up at least 6 =7 times to go to the loo last night, even more than the 3-4 I have been averaging just lately. Its giving me dark circles round my eyes! I hope botox works for this too as well as daytime.

oh mrbobowen

its the absolute pits when your own body puts you in this position.

so this is your latest challenge, you will overcome it in time.

good luck with the botox.

carole x

Thanks, couldnt wear one in the day because of my job but could be an option at night (wife wouldn’t be too impressed though, but then neither is she with a wet bed). Was wearing a pad ianyway because I leak getting up to go to the loo, but it was of little use. But hopefully, the botox is going to sort it out. Hope I’m not being naive on that.

How long have you been waiting for the botox? I was told 2-3 months in July but still haven’t heard anything. Last time I chased it up I was told it would be before Christmas but I’m beginning to wonder!

I totally sympathise and understand your situation. Let’s hope the botox works for both of us.

Sarah x

lt is my understanding that with botox for bladder you will have to self-catheterise to empty. So you could be doing that anyway to make sure bladder is empty - especially before bed. For men, the sheaths are a good idea and can be connected direct to a bag fastened around your waist and undectectable - no need to have a bag strapped to your leg.

l have had a SPC for nearly 20yrs. And it has made life much easier. l hated being wet all the time - and no amount of pads will hold it - l use to spend nearly all night on the loo. Now l can stay in bed all night - and can always empty the bag into a plastic bottle.

Do hope you get some help soon Mr Bob - and regain your self-respect as this problem is so degrading.

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Hi Sarah, had something of a similar experience. Been told I was going to have botox but at the following appointment advised to try yet another medication (tried 4 so far), this has stretched things out many months. But I think I’ve been through enough of them now with poor results that in July the urologist finalised on botox. However, I only got the letter inviting me to pick a date this month (have chosen December 23rd) and just this Saturday I had my preop assessment. I thought it was going to be local anaesthetic but apparently it will be under full anaesthesia - They need to put a camera up there, just hope it isnt a box brownie!

HI Space Jacket with the bag system, I wonder what happens if you forget or cant go somewhere to empty the bag. In my job I can be more than two hours without being able to get to a loo.


The bigger the drainage bag the better - as it is easier to conceal - it lays flatter across your tum. l can manage through the night without linking up to a night drainage bag - just stay as l am during the day with a 600ml. Must admit l do not spend hours in bed - possibly 6 - as l need to get up and move about or l will seize up!

The company Manfred Sauer - design and sell incontinence equipment. Most of the employees are disabled - and have put their own ideas into the products. They are more ‘male’ orientated. Have a look at their website. You can always ring them for advice - they are extremely helpful.

Mine’s to be under a general anaesthetic too. They said that this would be just for the 1st time so they could have a good look around and repeats would be by a local. From the dignity point of view I’d rather not know anything about it! My preop was way back in August which led me to think it was happening soon!

I rang the hospital yesterday as I know they only do the procedures on a Thursday morning and not counting tomorrow there’s only 3 before Christmas. I was initially told again that it would be before Christmas but then she said it would be January. So who knows?

Good Luck for the 23rd and let us know how it goes.

Sarah x