Still waiting for botox

Just a rant really. I’ve endured urge incontinence for several years now. My bladder doesn’t empty fully. I’ve had solefenacin, tolterdind, oxybutynin and betmiga and I’ve been self catheterising since last year. None of this has solved the problem. I saw a urologist in October and was thrilled when he said he could do something. Yay! At last. He put me on the list for urgent Botox. I had my pre op assessment on 1st November, but because of a previous problem with anaesthesia I now have to attend an anaesthetic clinic. It doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon. I’m going on holiday next week and won’t be back until after Christmas. The optimist in me cherished this fond hope that I’d have had the Botox before we went. So, that’ll be one suitcase full of pads and catheters, not much room for clothes in the baggage allowance, not to mention that I’ve long been at the end of my tether with soggy pads and damp underwear!

Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later in 2017! Fingers crossed.

Oh, that’s a shame you couldn’t have had it done before your jolly.

You know, if you speak to airport assistance bods and explain how much of your packing space is taken up by stuff for your condition, it may be possible for you to take a small extra bag which will go in the hold free.

I spoke to them about this and they said when I book, ask to be put through to them and ask about extra allowance.

Worth a try, eh? My list of stuff needed would include…

2 Packs of Pads,

2 packs of wipes



Senset cleaning foam

Day bags

Night bags

Extra underwear

What else?

I have an appointment in January to discuss girls for my bladder. Have you rung your urologist’s sec re an appointment?


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Hi Eve

I can’t believe they want to do a general anaesthetic rather than a local. I had botox under a local.

Hopefully they will get on with it early in the New Year.

(And btw, I think Poll meant her January appointment is to discuss botox rather than girls! But I could be wrong!)


Yeh Sue. I didn’t check before I sent my reply! Every time I type botox it comes out girls…


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Hehehe. Wonder if you type “girls” if you get Botox! :smiley:

You dont say where you are going on holiday to. I found that pads of all manner are much more widely available in some places than over here. Turkey last year, easily found in small supermarkets, also in Berlin from chemists - Apotheke.

Lanzarote. I’ve never seen any continence products in the supermarkets, I haven’t checked the pharmacies. I’m afraid they may not have the quantities I get through. I have to pre order at Boots, they never have more than two or three packs of each size in stock. I’ve recently ordered in bulk direct from Tens - .I’ve got lots now, lots and lots and lots! I suppose they’re not that heavy, just a bit bulky, but the cases will be lighter on the way home.

Eve xx

Hi, I get my pads on prescription via my district nurses.

I am allowed 4 a day and get 3 months delivered at a time. When I have my accidents, they soak a lot of it up!

Glamorous life innit…with us jet setting lot!

Its like the tv ads for tena, the lady wears glam clothes and no-one knows whats underneath!


Yes Eve, I guess it was a kind of perk to have much more case room coming back to fit souvenirs etc. One thing I have learnt though is not to wear a body vest to keep a pad in place whilst going through airport security. Both ways I got taken aside after the scanner and asked to open my trousers slightly so they could have a look. I think it must have been the metal snaps. I suppose it could have been a liquid thing but I dont think scanners can detect that.