Bit embarrasing. (You will see why I have gone Anon)

Can someone help me. I am very embarrased about this? (Possible treatments etc)

I have had minor bladder problems for a while. A bit of leakage when I am caught short but not too bad. My pelvic floor is in good shape. (To be honest, my bowels are my big problem and have taken over my “below the waist” concerns for a long time)

However, the other day I had a very bad / embarrasing incident. I was having “fun” in bed but when I climaxed I actually wet myself Not a lot and I was able to control the flow but defintely more than just a tiny amount. I nearly died with shame.

I was at the hospital today for my regular DMD and I thought that I would mention it to the Dr examining me or the nurse. However, for the first time ever the Doctor and the nurse today were men. It didn’t help that the doctor had a student with him who was also male (and so young too) I just couldn’t speak to them.

I can’t get hold of my MS nurse. My GP is also male and getting an apoointment with a female GP will literally take weeks .

My GP is lovely but he is the first person to admit that he is not expert on MS. What possible treatments are there for bladder problems like this? I can’t imagine that this is a problem that will just be confined to “special” ocassions.

I am terrified of having to use a catheter. I have heard people mention botox. What is this supposed to help with?

I promise that this is not a wind up or some sort of sick joke. I am terrified now.

Sorry that this is a new thread. I see that someone had posted a thread on “bladder control and botox injections” but whn I tried to look at that thread I kept getting an error message (error 404 - not authorised to view this thread)

This may seem a silly question but was your bladder full? it’s always harder to control if it is. I know it isn’t what you think about when " in the moment" but a quick hang on a mo I need to pee might be all you need. Try masturbating with a full and an empty bladder and see what the results are. A little self help never hurt anyone. I’m also going Anon sorry :slight_smile: x

Ask to be referred to a continence nurse. Your ms nurse or gp can do this.

Hello anon When you say you have bowel problems, is it constipation because this can cause pressure on the bladder. Then there is the added pressure from your partner when having “fun” :slight_smile: You won’t be the first person this has happened to. I think you can self refer to continence nurse. Good luck x


I always have to make sure my bladder is empty before partaking in in ‘fun’ in the bedroom for exactly the same reason. Yes it can take the spontineity away a little bit but better to pause for a moment than the other option.


Are you sure the fun isn’t just so good that your squirting. There are lots of women that would love to expirience this, and a lot of men that wished they were good enough to make there woman do it, just a rude thought. Lol

This happened to me once during an intense bit of passion. As the above anon says ‘could it have been squirting?’ It produces more fluid than you would think it does! (not a rude thought at all anon - i was thinking the same!)

I wouldn’t be going to see the continence nurse unless it was a regular occurance. It might be a one off!

It’s only happened once for me!

I am also going anon! he he he!!!