Bladder meltdown

Hello everyone this is my first message so I may not get it all right.i have secondary progressive ms.until recently i hadn’t had much to complain about where my bladder was concerned sometimes I had bouts of not being able to pee.but now it’s reversed I can’t stop seeing and my ability hold my wee has gone I just can’t hold it I now have to wear pads.i wondered if any body out there had any advice for me on how to cope.


Hello Abbey

Welcome to the forum. You have managed your first post perfectly.

You could see your local bladder and bowel nurse for advice. You can either be referred or self refer (I think).

Or, ask your GP for a referral to a urologist. You could ask for Botox for the bladder. It’s pretty effective for overactive or spasming bladders. The only thing is that once you have Botox you have to use intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) as it essentially freezes your bladder, so you can’t see at all.

You could try ISC to see if it helps anyway, just fully emptying sometimes helps with incontinence. Ask your MS nurse or bladder specialist nurse what they can suggest to help.


Hi, Without knowing what your gender is it’s difficult to be specific. However Sue’s advice is good and a MS or urology professional is the best place to begin. Best wishes, Anthony

Oops, just noticed I wrote see at all when I meant wee. Damn this autocorrect. Your bladder will have nothing to do with eyesight!!


Don’t know where you live, best of all is to see a neuro urologist. Talk to MS Nurse or GP for a referral

Good luck,


You don’t say if you’re a male or female,I’m male and for the past 20 years I have been

using single urinery catheters, easier for men than women I believe.

Most men swear that intermittent self catheterisation is more difficult for them that for women!!

I actually think it’s a bit of both. Men can see the ‘hole’ they’re aiming the catheter at, whereas women can’t. Although men have a hell of a lot further to push their long bendy catheter to reach the bladder. Plus they generally have a prostate to ‘push’ past.

Women on the other hand are more likely to get a UTI from ISC given the impractical design of women’s intimate bits.

So swings and roundabouts, boys and girls!!