Japanese loo

Hi all, does anyone use a wash and dry toilet and if yes can you give an opinion please.
I am desperate for some way to help in this department but there are so many out there and such huge price ranges I would be grateful for any comments.
Thank you

I have one. Please note, this blurs that line that delves into matters that give too much information and too descriptive.

They give you some independence if you’re unable to clean yourself, but if you tend to have loose bowels and get into a mess, paper is needed. It’s nice to feel clean, you don’t feel like you’re sweaty or smelling. It’s also good as a bidet for when you’re menstruating (if you’re female obviously).

So, on the whole: yes, it’s a very nice thing to have and yes, it gives you more independence if you’re reliant on help after using the loo. But does it stop you buying paper and occasionally needing help, No.

I hope this was helpful.

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Yes, I’ve got one. Redid my bathroom.
Same as Min. I use paper then the wash cycle every evening.
The dry function is Ok but still use paper.

I think you can just get attachments to your current toilet that washes
I got mine from a plumbing company married to Albert for about £500

So, you still need to stand up.
Hope this helps.