I know this sounds a bit silly but I heard something on the radio tonigh about why some people are ticklish and some aren’t. It basically said it depended on the neurological make up of the individual and how the nerves interpreted the touch. I am not at all ticklish and wondered whether there is and connection with ms? Is anyone else not at all ticklish? Sorry I know this is a bit far fetched but I have these daft thoughts sometimes and where better to get them out of your system :o)

Does not sound ‘daft’ at all! I used to be very ticklish but I no longer am! (I am now using it as a ‘weapon’ on my children without being afraid of repercussions <if this is the right word…)


I have always been super ticklish, and I hate it. But thinking about what you’ve said, a lot of my symptoms are sensory - weird sensations in my skin, maybe it’s all connected?

L x

was ultra ticklish but not now.


I used to be very ticklish as a child but I’m not now. I trained myself not to be because as a child my big sister would pin me down and tickle me till I wet myself cos I was laughing that much!!! Maybe if I’ve ust accepted it and allowed myslf to stay ticklish (and therefore have many more years of hell from my Big Sis) I wouldn’t have MS now lol



I used to be ticklish but not now. My son loves to try and tickle me and gets frustrated when I don’t react!!

S x

I used to be ticklish around the sides of by belly. Doesn’t have any effect now, lost it when I got tingling skin.