A little odd....


does anyone find that they do odd things? Such as laugh hysterically at something? Yes it may be funny but a little over the top? I find this can’t be controlled sometimes. I also on occasion go from laughing to crying or both together!

I quite often feel like I have movement I side me and have on occasion believed I was pregnant but most of the time it tickles and itches.

Sometimes I feel like I have gone mad. I am 100% not depressed so it’s not that I wondered if it was the MS. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes or have I lost the plot?

Thanks everyone.

A small proportion of people with MS get a symptom called pseudobulbar affect, which can involve uncontrolled and sometimes inappropriate outbursts of laughter or crying.

It may be worth mentioning this symptom at your next scheduled appointment.

The strange feelings like buzzing, itching, and sometimes internal movements are not psychological at all, and are caused by nerves misfiring, which leads to false sensations. Many people report thinking that their mobile was on vibrate somewhere about their body, and being surprised to find they weren’t carrying it - and things like that!



Hi Sammy

Yes, my emotions have been pretty messed up since my diagnosis. I get what you mean about the laughing/crying episodes.

I get angry and irritable more often too now-the joys of MS.

I never feel pregnant though but then I’m 59…that would make me certifiable Lol

Take care xx

Hi sammi …

i can so relate to the laughing thing!!! When it first happened to me I didn’t no what was going on… I went with it and thought it was funny, I thought out of all the symptoms you can get with MS this I can deal with ha… However when it started happening when I was on the phone to people trying to arrange appointments etc it gets annoying and very embarrassing I haven’t done it in a while. I’ve probly jinxed it now lol

hope you ok:-)