This is the 1st time i’ve posted on here, so please forgive the long post!!!

I had my first ?episode in the summer, symptoms were extreme dizziness for over 2 weeks, which GP thought was labrynthitis, then suffered palsy to my face… after attending A and E, and having a CT scan, i was admitted on to a ward and had a MRI and Lumbar Puncture whilst i was there.

The MRI results came back showing 6 lesions in my brain, and i was given a possible diagnosis of MS. Follow up appt with Neuro just went through what they had found, and that as it was my 1st episode, they were presuming it was CIS. He did prescribe steroids to get rid of the remaining symptoms, which finally they did. i was off work for 9 weeks, then went back on reduced hours.

However here i am 4 months on, and starting to develop new symptoms, i developed a tremor to my right hand which lasted 2 weeks, terrible aches and pains in my legs, hips and back, to which the GP doesn’t think is related to MS. Not to mention the overwhelming Fatigue, that just will not go away.

MS nurse states that when i go to see Neuro again at end of next month, that he will prescribe something for the Fatigue, which i must admit will be most welcome.

Today my back is terrible, and round the rib area too :frowning: so much so that i’ve had to ring in sick for work. I just feel so down this past couple of days, that i feel like i’m cracking up…Surely once i’m diagnosed , and started treatment i will feel better…

Please tell me this down feeling doesn’t last forever!!!

Hi Rosie, you seem to be in good hands. No, the down feeling doesn’t last forever.In my experience things always change (I’ve bounced back from some pretty traumatic life experiences, with help). Be gentle with yourself. I had a down day yesterday and just let myself curl up on the sofa and rest. The lovely folks on here came to my emotional rescue with loving words and plenty of virtual hugs…so here’s one for you too {{{hug}}}! I have six weeks to go until I see the neuro for the first time. I feel the same as you: waiting for a diagnosis so I can do something about all these pesky (and quite concerning) symptoms. Wishing you well :heart:

Hi Reikiblossom, Thanks for your kind words…I’ve always been an upbeat kind of person, and from June until now i’ve tried to remain optimistic…but waking up nearly every day with one symptom or another is driving me insane. its brill to know that there is such good support on here, because whenever family and friends ask how i am feeling, i just say “ok” as i’m fed up of hearing myself moan. When infact i really want to say how down i feel . i have excellent support from my fabulous husband but as for the rest of the family, because i haven’t been diagnosed yet, its a case of i haven’t got it. People at work are generally fab, with excellent support from management, but the odd colleague will say “oh are ya off work again”…or “they’ll be finishing ya at work before long if ya keep having time off” …do they honestly think i’m enjoying my time at home, trying to deal with what life as possibly thrown at me??? Sorry for the moan, but it certainly feels good to chat to people who know exactly what i’m going through!!! Take Care x