feeling hopeful

well i finally get to see the neuro this week after an agaonising 8 week wait after been told i have possible symptoms of Ms with two MRI scans coming back with lesions on spine and brain :(. my symptoms are pins and needles and numbness in legs which are also weak and now im starting to get pins and needles in my hands and have developed legs spasms in the past few weeks. just wondering if anyone else thinks i have MS because its looking that way.

I bet it’s been the longest 8 weeks of your life! I can’t say whether you have MS or not, only a neuro can do that, but I guess you are at least prepared for that diagnosis if it happens as you know you have lesions. I was diagnosed with CIS after being hospitalised and finding brain lesions, but I have had 2 relapses since. I have another neuro appointment this week too, so we will see what he says. Good luck with your appointment.

Yea it has it’s been a long process just need answers now :frowning:

Well it’s been confirmed I have MS neuro said it’s still early and doesn’t appear to be bad ATM being put on baclafin to help with symptoms while they figure out what treatments best for me praying it’s not needles :frowning:

I’m sure others will comment who are on injectable DMD’s but… I am in limbo re MS but I have been diagnosed with another condition that requires me to inject myself (twice daily). I was irrationally terrified and in tears about the whole thing - even though I have done IM injections on others. Somehow injecting myself was very different to injecting someone else :). Hubby did it for the first few weeks but I finally plucked up courage (after a large glass of red!) and it was so easy I felt embarrassed I’d had such an issue with it. I’ve heard other say that the needles for DMDs are tiny - as are the needles I have to use. If so it really is a piece of cake - honest.

From Superwuss x

Well we ended up being diagnosed on the same day so can share an anniversary! I’m immediately being referred for DMDs as mine is quite aggressive. I hope the baclofen works well for you.

aww im sorry to hear that pudding yea we can share anniversary :slight_smile: lol sorry to hear yours is aggressive suppose im lucky as he said i was in early stages. least we both have answers now though even if its not good.

Hi I’ve had to wait 3 months to find out ms or not? I have quite a lot of Syptoms of ms pins n needles burning in my foot, dizziness my eyes had double vistion etc my gp said he thinks I might have ms… I got a letter today saying I don’t have ms… Phew… But there was a signal change in one of the bones in my neck, so I need to have a ct n bone scan n MRI. Then to go back to see nero… Not sure what that means but I’m so thankfull it’s not ms xx Good luck.