Suspected MS Diagnosis

Hi All,

I am a fit healthy 32 year old male with no history of medical problems

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my left leg was a bit strange, I was able to walk but i noticed that it felt a bit heavy. I waited for the next day and as I had the same issue i rang 111 for advice. They recommended i go straight to A&E. They treated me as a stroke Patient and then after 2 MRI, and 2 CT (with Dye) they noticed inflamation on the brain. They detected past multiple lesions but the dye did not highlight anything new meaning the Leg issue was not to do with this. I also had multiple bloodtests to look for anything but these have been fine.

I am currently waiting for more test including a Spine MRI and a discussion with specialist at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham.

I have today seen a MS nurse to discuss on going treatment and any questions i may have.

To date i have no symptoms and feel perfect, I am able to do most things but i do get pins and needles from time to time. This can be in hands and feet. I also have headaches that have lasted for up to 4 days ( I have never experienced these) but it may be to do with the Stress of waiting to see if i actually do have MS.

Could this be a sign of early MS ?

Hi Andy45,

It sounds like you are being helped to get some kind of diagnosis pretty quickly, which is great so that whatever condition you are facing can be managed as well as can be. I recognise the pins and needles. I had not heard of headaches being symptomatic. Years ago I used to get massive long term headaches but these stopped a long time ago. It might sound a bit “space cadet/hippy” but I did get relief from the headaches with acupuncture (I am a cynical old techie and was pretty dismissive of alternative stuff, but was pleasantly surprised when I tried and it helped) Try not to speculate (much easier said than done) because it will become stressful and you don’t need that. I am thrilled that you feel fit and healthy, enjoy this and also learn to observe and listen to your body (although don’t get carried away - I once thought I was having a relapse when all it was, was a normal head cold!) Fingers crossed that any diagnosis is useful and gives you good options.
All the best

I doubt they give you an MS nurse unless they believe it is. Gosh they are like gold dust lol.

You may have to wait they could say its a clinically isolated syndrome and see how it progresses or doesnt.

Headaches could be down to stress.

All you can do is keep as healthy as you can and avoid stress at all cost. I think you were dealt with very quickly. I often wonder if i wasnt taken seriously at the beginning as i was born in 1951. My first major symptom was going blind was told it was probably the heat lol. 2000 - 2016 with loads of stuff in between.

I hope you get firmer answers soon. xxx