MS or just going crazy?

Hello all,

I’ve had a good look around here. Thank you all for your knowledge and experiences.

I had what can only be described as an ‘episode’ yesterday and it’s made me question a number of symptoms that I’ve been experiencing over the last, well, goodness knows how long.

Yesterday was just…odd. So odd. I felt like my brain and face wasn’t my own and I thought I was having some kind of stroke. No pain. Just bizarness. It lasted around 45 minutes all in and was scary. It prompted me to write down everything else that I can remember.

Face tingles
Face numb
Feeling of wet on back
Tongue too big for mouth
Clumsy - walking into things, dropping things
Numb feeling in genitals
Crawling feeling on skin
Eyes struggling despite recent eye test with minimal changes
Forgetting words
Can’t concetrate
Strange headaches
Pressure feeling in head
Heaviness in legs
Throbbing in legs
Leg gave way
Pain in leg (not cramp) which woke me and caused me to double over and cry and be in agony
Weird feelings in face when bending neck forward
Skin on thighs feel sore and sensitive to touch, like sunburn, can’t have anything touch them

Most of these are reoccurring, one or two just single episodes.

I will go to the docs but I feel like I’m going mad and not sure how to approach it all.

Are these episodes and symptoms worth pursuing?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Hi wont say welcome as its not the place to want to be welcomed too if you understand me. But sorry you have found your way here which means you are scared and worried about a possible connection with your madness and MS. Yes symptoms of MS can be pure madness and make no sense.

the best thing to do is take a block of the madness and work out what it is.

for example, tingling, feeling of wet on back, crawling feeling on skin etc, can be down to what is called Paresthesia

so on so forth. it can then make more sense.

some of your symptoms can be down to so many things. Even a virus can suddenly make you feel weird.

I would focus on numb face, with tingling, and tongue feeling strange in mouth. Strange headaches, leg giving way and pain and throbbing in leg. Coincidentally were they all on one side? To me this could be a red flag and i would talk to doctor about it. the rest you can say you hve been experiencing odd things.

I just know it was what my neuro told me from the get go. “oh good he said” you havent turned up with a page of odd feelings lol. He said when that happened he would switch off.

so just take a breathe and try and work out what belongs to where.

I have read your symptoms over and over, and MS doesnt scream but i am not a doctor, but so many diseases are out there with very similar ones to MS. even Fibro can be linked. I do think you should say something to a doctor because of the face numb, tingling and headaches. good luck i know these things are weird and scary. x

I can relate to everything on your list, including the “stroke”. CrazyChick has a lot of experience, so go ahead and try grouping your symptoms together and see where they lead you. I agree that you need to see a doctor.

Unfortunately, i was diagnosed with idiopathic mini strokes for 5 years before I got my MS diagnosis, and my neuro now believes they were just another bizarre MS symptom and not actual mini strokes after all.

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Thank you both for your replies. It’s so nice not to feel alone and to feel heard.

For the longest time, over 11 years, I have thought perhaps I have fibro. I understand it’s sometimes triggered by trauma and at the time I was in an abusive relationship so it made sense. However, at the same time I was also under investigation for what turned out to be endometriosis so I had a lot going on.

My symptoms have increased since giving birth last year. I am not sure if there is any link with MS and pregnancy/birth. But again, I had a stressful, high risk pregnancy so perhaps it IS fibro and it’s just one massive flare up caused by further mental trauma.

I think perhaps a more comprehensive list is needed. When I have these episodes, I will make a note of side of body etc and see if there is a pattern emerging.

Hi hun dont self diagnose ok.

MS can be triggered by stress. You have had a baby so this is also a trigger for MS and also for relapses in MS. Hormones too if your hormones are all over the place it can believe it or not cause havoc in your body.

I am sorry you had to endure abuse, i cant imagine what you went through.

I had endometriosis 27 years old had a full hysterectomy back then. endomeriosis is classed as an auto immune disease. Also bits of endo can travel around the body.

I would really think you should speak to your GP about the symptoms on your face i could be anxiety but it should be checked. ok. xxx