In the process of being diagnosed..weird symptoms!

Hi there,

I am here because of the countless symptoms I have been experiencing over the past 2ish years. I’m in the process of finally getting a diagnosis . I have had symptoms for a long time now, they are relatively subtle but did begin out of the blue. I will say I have anxiety , depression and PTSD due to a very traumatic health scare after giving birth to my daughter in 2018. Since then especially things have gotten worse. I have odd sensations all over my body, tingling , pain, sometimes it’ll feel like a worm is swimming around in my stomach, “cold” spots, muscle twitching and tightness, fatigue. The most recent and scariest symptom that I’m still dealing with (it’s been about 2 weeks) is the left side of face feels numb…it comes and goes and I’ve been googling and scaring the crap out of myself. My anxiety is in over drive . Did anyone else get this feeling & how long did it last??

I went to my gp who ordered some blood work and she asked me to fast track my neurologist appointment. I’m currently on a wait and see approach with him but now that my face is numb I think he’ll be inclined to give me an MRI. I’m very confused & scared about what is going on. I’m hoping to get some answers but I’m also terrified of what’s to come.

Hi there! Your symptoms don’t point directly to MS, but an MRI will help towards a diagnosis. Dr Google can be our worst enemy and I will admit to being a patient of his! I`ve been disabled over 20 years and only recently got my diagnosis of PPMS…of the spinal variety …meaning no brain lesions, just spinal ones…very hard to determine by my 16 prior neurologists. Number 17 spotted it! Keep a diary of symptoms and let your doc do his work.

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Hi. Does your doctor definatley think it is ms. Fibromyalgia can cause very similar symptoms to ms.