Waiting for diagnosis

I have had two “episodes/flareups?” this summer. The first time,at the end of June, I went to the beach and it was a very hot day. A few hours later I was home cooking supper and first my left arm started to go partially numb, then my left leg, then the left side of my face. I have had a lot of back problems, sometimes my back goes out and my face and arm goes a little numb. But this felt different, like it was coming from my muscles instead of my skin being numb. So later on that night, I was reading and I thought I got bit by a horse fly on the top of my right foot! it hurt, but there was no bugs around. I (in that 10day to 2 week period) experienced double vision, hard time trying to urinate, blurry vision, ear pain and short term (1/2 to 1 hr) hearing loss, muscle twitches, burning and ripping sensations in my legs, vibrating (like a cell phone) in my chest muscle, weakness with muscle contraction in my bicept while texting. The second time, end of August, it was cold so I decided to use a top sheet ( I don’t use one in hot weather because it makes me sweat) well I woke up drenched in sweat. I got up to use the bathroom and felt numbness on my left side like before and it felt like I had duct tape stuck on my left heel. I am currently having weird random thigh pains, twinges, numbness and tingling in left finger tips. Does this sound like MS to anyone? I have an MRI with contrast in 3 days and I really hope I get a clear yes or no answer.

Hi jenifa

as you probably found out and read there are lots of things that can give weird feelings…please don’t think that you have MS and wait until docs give you a definate answer as to what’s going on…can take a while but be patient…take care


Thank you Baz, I see, it can take quite a while to get a diagnosis. I’m hoping I get a neuro that listens as well as my GP. I won’t rest until I get an anwer for these weird symptoms.