My first symptoms, Waiting on a diagnosis.

Hi I am Julie and I am 23 years old. I work in the medical field as a CNA and going to school as a nurse. Starting about five years ago I woke up with both my legs paralyzed and I was in shock at first. It felt like minutes but it was probably seconds. I brushed it away. Another incident happened and I remembered being terrified I went blind for a few seconds but then experience drop foot with my right leg. I was at worked and everyone was looking at me crazy and asking what is wrong. I absolutely did not know I just knew I couldn’t move my foot or leg it would just fall over. I would experience lots of tingling on my neck after this situation.

Fast forward to December 2021 I started noticing I was weak and couldn’t lift patients like I normally would. April 26th 2022 and till now I have experienced the worst pain I feel like in my life. I couldn’t lift my neck I felt like i had no support. I remember sitting on the couch watching t.v. and once again it was back my legs would not move and it came back. The following day I had an instant radiating pain that would travel up my neck and down my arms to my legs. I could not sleep because of this pain I was up for two days because of the radiating on my spine to my neck. Muscle spasms in my back and my legs. Nerve pain that would stay in one place but then constantly move. Every time I would try to walk around I would get dizzy and it felt like someone was crushing me and I couldn’t do anything about it. I would just start falling and couldn’t keep my balance. I began having tremors in my legs so I started tacking videos. My right leg would tremor for 30 seconds then stop and then immediately the left would tremor for 45 seconds. I recorded all of it. I showed my doctor and I am scheduled for an mri. He believes I have MS

After the incident in April I am left with my in my right eye and and left side of my Jaw. Some days I can not eat at all because I can feel my teeth and I have no cavities I was at the dentist last month. I am left with a constant nerve pain that mainly stays in my legs but does have tendencies to travel to other sites of my body life my face, arms, fingers, toes, stomach. Sometimes its sharp other times it feels like something is crawling on my skin. I do get the muscle spams. Last night at work I couldn’t roll my patients over for the first time or pick the garbage and put it in the dumpster. I was ashamed. I found out this month I can not handle the heat.

Thank you for your time. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

Hello Julie

You are going through a lot. At least you are now into the system and waiting for your MRI. As you’ve probably learnt from this forum, it often takes quite some time before you get a diagnosis. But hang on in there as best as you can.

Thank you and I will try. Best Wishes to you.