31 and scared.

Good Afternoon all,

I am more and more convinced that i will be a new member to the community,I don’t want to ramble too much so I will list my symptoms up to now.

Eye disturbances – double vision (without my glasses), black dots, white swirls, sometimes feel like my eyes are vibrating.

Legs feel really heavy, like I am walking through mud (happened for 3 days)

Weakness in arms / legs - Legs feel jelly like when walking down stairs (on going)

Random cold / numb patches on body

Body twitches all over body throughout day.

Bug crawling feeling on nose, (lasted 4 weeks)

During night, get woken up with severe burning pains, in arms, and recently both legs (3 times)

Numb feeling - all of face and spread down my left leg, comes and goes.

Cold feet. (happened for 3 days)

Neck ache

Tremors with neck and arms and legs when moving into certain postures, which makes me feel like my eyes are shaking (current)

Stomach constantly popping, full of gas

All this has been during a period of 3 months, started with virus, that led to feeling of numbness in finger and forehead and then over time, things have come and gone, My most worrying symptom are my tremor like issues, if i lift my legs up against gravity they shake, my arms if i move them in certain positions. My head tremors if i relax it and move it. These have been on going for 4 weeks, but all in all,3 months since my virus like symptoms.

Can relapses happen like this, i know MS is a snowflake disease, and varies with everyone, and hear tremors can come and go, But mine have been here for 4 weeks, and i am getting more and more worried.

I have mr MRI, (Head and spine) on Sunday with contrast dye, all bloodworks done and fine.

Currently just have the tremor issues and if my arms are kept in certain positions for long periods of time they go dead.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you for listening…


Hi Stacey,

Posture related numbness, limbs going dead and the like, sounds like a mechanical squishing of nerves rather than MS. The traditional ‘pain in the neck’ or pinched nerve will show very clearly on an MRI with contrast.

The tremors can have many causes, and the general stress of just not knowing whats going on makes it self fulfilling. If your MRI was urgent and shows lesions or a stenosis your clinicians will be on the case.

Speaking as someone with both c4/c5 and c6/c7 stenosis I can tell you that I was able to induce pins and needles by turning my neck, could make my left arm go numb by doing breast stroke (in a pool …) and have greatly improved after being referred to an Oestopath and working on my posture, weight and being taught cervical stretches etc.

At the time I was convinced I was having a relapse and really wanted to be pumped full of steroids to try and reverse it. I know its not fun, and its human nature to dwell/explore the worst case.

For me, laying on a cold tiled floor with a pillow in the small of my back made a world of difference.

I hope things improve soon.

All the best.


this sounds very similar to me! I’m 21 and have pins and needles when I’m in certain positions, so when i rest my hand on my chin or rest my arm on the bed (only for a short amount of time) i will get pins and needles and it’ll go numb, my legs do the same when I’m sat on the toilet (I know this can be normal if it’s for a long period of time but this happens if I’m sat down for 1 minute) I’ve also found myself waking up with dead arms recently and if i lie on my shoulder that’ll go numb too. I understand what people are saying when they say it’s more like a pinched nerve because it’s only in certain positions, but as it’s in both my upper and lower extremities i would have to have a lot of them! And along with all my other symptoms it just doesn’t make sense.

I also get double vision but it’s only when I’m led on my side and it’s generally in my peripheral vision, so it doesn’t affect my day to day life really, just a little worrying! I also have other vision problems, when I wake up my vision is cloudy and I can’t see until I blink the cloudiness away which doesn’t usually last for more than 5 mins but is very concerning and I haven’t read about anybody else having this so no idea what it is.

I also have a tremor, this is the thing that concerns me the most as I know they’re not normal, especially with other neurological symptoms. Mine sounds the same as yours, or very similar. It’s my hands, legs and head. My fingers shake whenever I’m doing something like typing, scrolling on my phone and even if i just hold my hand up, I can hold my wrist in a certain position that makes the tremor worse. My entire arm tremors if I am carrying shopping or anything that is heavy. My legs shake when i lift them in front of me, my head tremors occasionally when I’m just sat there not even moving it!

I also have a lot of pain in my lower back, upper back but mostly my legs, they feel stiff sometimes and are always painful, I have been getting foot pain recently too.

These are the main things that concern me but i also get muscle spasms, burning patches, my eyes sometimes feel like they’re rolling back into my head when I’m tired.

Been to a neurologist he did a hammer reflex test and said because that was normal it mustn’t be neurological and must be anxiety. I know this is complete BS so very unsure of what to do.

I’ve done so much research and am almost positive this is PPMS.

As yours started with fever you should consider the act it could be lyme disease, it mimics MS and often starts that way. I hope you have more luck with the doctors than I have!