Almost results time

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and have been reading a lot lately on MS and all the diseases it mimics. I’m due to see the MS specialist for my MRI results this Monday I’m a 33yr old female with epilepsy but otherwise I wasn’t in bad shape until a few years ago, I first noticed that I was itching myself crazy, no rash or anything but I’d scratch myself to bleeding and it drove me to distraction that was closely followed by the inability to start my urine flow without forcing it by squeezing my pelvic floor at the same time I was also not emptying my bladder and as a result spend half of my nights getting up to pee AGAIN. Fast forward to summer 2011. I was stupidly tired all the time yet couldn’t sleep due to waves of crawling/tingling with the bladder issues on top. Around that time I also started to get weakness in my left arm and leg, I could no longer hold the hair drier in that hand, it’s almost like when you have the blood pressure cuff on for to long. Over Xmas I got a lot worse and for 4 weeks almost overnight had pressure behind my left eye with a clouding effect, tremor on outreach, I kept falling, my brain would be fine walking but my legs were left behind, for that time I lost the ability to hold conversation, I’d use the wrong words or drift off totally and not know what anyone was talking about. I developed numbess in my toes and fingers and a patch of numbness on my face and leg. This week my feet are burning hot when at night, I just want to feel better!!!

Hi Twinkle…and welcome to the forum!

I too am waiting for my results…not sure when I’m gonna be getting these…I had my tests done roughly six weeks ago now.

Can I ask how long you’ve been waiting for your test results (how long since test and seeing neuro for results).

I too get all sorts of strange sensations…mine started ‘properly’ early last year. Burning, coldness, tingling, buzzing, numbness…feeling like someones touching my head or thigh…etc., you get the idea! My minds all over the place too…with lots of dizziness…weakness on mostly my left side too.

Wish you luck, come back and let us know how things go.


Hi Twinks, your symptoms sure are all over the place! And they do sound very MS like.

When you see your specialist, I hope he has some news which will settle your fears.

Getting a name for our condition, gives us something to hang all our problems on.

But do try to remember that there are many other conditions which mimic MS. I am sure your neuro will do his best to discount these, before he gives you a diagnosis.

After that, he may be able to prescribe meds which should ease some of the intensity of your symptoms.

You are among like minded people on this site, who will offer support, advice and the odd giggle too!

Let us know how the appointment goes, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: I saw the GP Jan the 3rd who said right away I needed to see a nuro, I was feeling so bad I decided to pay for a private appointment, unfortunately my insurance wouldn’t pay out as medical history stated symptoms were not new So I saw the nuro a week later who referred me back to himself for MRI, that was 3 weeks later, I’ve been waiting for results for about 6 weeks I think, the consultant had two holidays booked or I’d have been in sooner. I can’t fault things so far, I do have a slight worry about not having a contrast, does it matter? How soon after a flare up do they show on scan? As scary as symptoms can be they have already given me the giggles a few times, when the outreach tremor started I was throwing spoons of food at the baby each time, he looked so confused bless him!

Actually it’s been 11 weeks when I finally get them!!