Not yet diagnosed!

So I am currently waiting for my neurology appointment and my brain and spin mri as I am having some strange symptoms that started out with chronic sciatica ,vitamin d diffident and then Bell’s palsy and then tremors in arms and legs, burning, pins needles in arms hands legs and feet, trouble with brain not as sharp as normal, then vision trouble and then I have been having utis and needing to pee constantly also lately pressure and pain and burning in my chest and ribs and trouble talking. This is just a few things that have happened over the last 2 years since having my daughter. How long did it take to get diagnosed with ms?

Also trouble with balance and really bad dizziness and feeling sick, sharp pain in my feet when I walk and dragging me feet and also sometimes my arms or hands don’t want to work lol

Hi im new here and currently on the waiting list to see a neurologist. although I am paying to go private as the waiting list is long by me (about 10 months) I went to the doctors again today due to my symptoms. I feel like ive had enough. one of my colleagues have recently been diagnosed and she had her first symptom in december. she again went private so feel that is the best option

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she told me my symptoms are looking like ms but she also said she can’t say that 100% so she has rushed threw neuro and a brain and spin mri so hopefully that comes threw quickly and I have the autoimmune clinic in feb 2020 annoying so far away but it’s there so got to be great full about that but I definitely and going to look into the private and see what my options are. It’s so frustrating that not only is my body not doing what I want it to my brain is getting worse over things and my fiancé has noticed a lot and even my kids are noticing and I am struggling with that alot

Soo… looks like my neuro referral can threw and there wasn’t an appointment available for over 10 months so we decided to make an appointment with a neuro specialist privately who also specialises in ms, so hopefully he should be able to let us know if this is the right road we are on. Bloody expensive but lucky the doc made the appointments for spin and brain mri and they come threw before that and I also have the autoimmune clinic for the blood work so that should help speed things along

good luck danni

it’s not good that you have to spend lots on private neuro consultations but perfectly understandable given the waiting times for the NHS.

hope everything works out for you.